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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sheep Book Review: Demon Hunting in the Deep South

Demon Hunting in the Deep South, by Lexi George, is the second installment in this snarkfest of cornbread and sweet tea southern fun! *In singsong voice* Save a horse ride a...well an immortal warrior who's in the South and not really a cowboy!!

Shy, self-conscious Evie Douglass tries to stay under the radar, especially when petite socialite Meredith Starr Peterson, aka The Death Starr, is anywhere around. Meredith and her bitch posse of skinny girlfriends have tormented Evie about her size since seventh grade. Unfortunately, it's hard for a plus-sized gal to stay invisible in a small town like Hannah, Alabama. And then Evie finds Meredith brutally murdered. Suddenly, she's the number one suspect in a sensational murder case. Worse, Hannah is infested with demons, and the only thing standing between them and Evie is a hunky blond demon slayer named Ansgar. Evie could swear, though, that Ansgar is interested in more than demons. She could swear that he's interested in her...

Let me start with the negatives right away because overall the book's a joy ride down an old dirt road despite some rough spots here and there. First off the plot does leave a little to be desired; the action tends to jump from one sentence to the next with very little natural flow. A loose example being you’re walking along and lah-de-dah all is great with the world then BAM something, or perhaps someone, out of nowhere throws you into another setting and BOOM the action goes again from there. More description would have done a world of good in these areas. If the flow from one scene to the next can travel smoothly and the transitions are done well then I’ve got no complaint. But when you jerk me around on a scary bumper car ride I tend to get a little motion sick and whiplash is sure to ensue.

Last on the negative column was the lack of a believable plot and other oddball aspects, such as the other worldly demon hunters who happen to speak with an English accent. While it’s all very dashing and charming it felt a little trite. (My big girl word of the day folks) Yes, yes English accents are fun and I do them often but in this case they didn’t seem necessary.

So on we go to the killer selling points! What a hoot this story was, I continually laughed out loud at the various antics going on from beginning to end. This book is like the best southern soap opera you could buy. Over the top characters keep this hush puppy truckin' along! I have to give it up to the ladies of the south for keeping it real country and selling it like no other. One example I still bust up about was when Evie describes that in the South you can say the meanest nastiest thing about someone as long as you add at the end “Bless his/her heart.” Like “She’s not the sharpest tool in the barn, bless her heart”. Great stuff y’all.

Heated romance backed up with some smexy warrior hunters keep the ladies satisfied. My newest guilty pleasure is written right here in the pages of this book! If you’re looking for a fun read that will keep you crackin up then give this bad boy a whirl.

Getting 3 and ½ 'clean underwear' Sheep

Demon Hunting in the Deep South hits shelves July 31st but you can reserve your copy at the link below!


  1. I have had Demon Hunting in Dixie on the wishlist for a while and now there is a next installment, just might have to get busy :) Thanks for sharing today. I like the premise and definitely love a little humor with the getting down to business.

  2. This sure sounds like a fun story, but the rollercoaster effect is not really my cup of tea. Is it meant to be so funny, or not reall?