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Friday, July 13, 2012

Comic Review: The Protector Corps by Gene Guilmette + Give Away

Issue #1
The Protector Corps “Window of Opportunity” Part 1 and 2
RTL Press
Story and Art: Gene Guilmette

The war is lost. Escape is the only hope. Some will fall for the innocent, others for their pride. For a chance to live free they will risk everything.

At BigWOW Katie met indie comic author/illustrator Gene Guilmette. He generously offered issue #1 and #2 of The Protector Corps for review and to give away. Gene says he has always been fascinated by the struggle between good and evil and the choices people make under extraordinary circumstances and the consequences of those actions.

In the plot of The Protector Corps, the world has been ravaged by an evil intent on enslaving or destroying the human race. The Protector Corp is a group of superhumans who have been defending humanity and after seven decades of war they are now facing their last stand. They are war weary and extremely demoralized. The story follows the choices of each member and consequences of their actions as they realize all is lost.

Issue #1 starts out with the narrative of a battle scene. We meet Protector Corps member Master Flame, whose power is fire, and the most important Corps member, Guardian, who is thought to be indestructible. Flame watches in horror as Guardian, his best friend, is destroyed by a new weapon of the enemy the Lords of Twilight. We also meet Lord Mephistis, of the enemy’s forces. Lord Mephistis is anxious to retrieve the body of Guardian for some reason.

In Issue #2 We learn about the new weapon called the taint that turns humans and protectors into zombie like creatures that he can control. What is left of the Protector Corps must hurry to get their human charges to safety but there are questions about the Alliance’s motives. We also meet more of the Protector Corps and one of them has defied orders. We also discover Flame (Will) is in love with Protector Skylar, but with the end of the world coming he feels it would be selfish to think about his own personal emotions when he has a job to do. However Will's friends point out what point is there to saving the world if you can’t find love?

Issue #2

What sets this comic apart from others is the presence of a gay main character. The comic isn’t focused on this point. You don’t even know Will (Flame) is gay until the end of Issue #2. This is a story about heroes trying to save the world from evil with a romance side plot that happens to be a gay couple.

The narration text is easy to read, but the dialogue bubbles are a little hard to read. The artwork isn’t all that spectacular, but I like the oil painting feel to it and the heavy use of shadowing. The faces are detailed, but the background scenes are not and sometimes the perspective makes a character look out of proportion. Rectangular panels are used often, but I’ve always liked that particular style.

I enjoyed the storyline and the end of issue #2 has me wanting to know more about what is going to happen to Guardian now that he is in the hands of the enemy and tainted as well as the romance, 'cause that's how I roll.

3 Sheep

SharonS (edited by BAK)

RLT Press, short for Road Less Traveled Press, is currently the online small press portal for freelance artist/writer Gene Guilmette. Here you can purchase his art and self plublished products as well as keep up to date on what G is doing and what con's he will be attending next.

Gene is giving away Issue #1 and #2!
To enter:
1. leave contact info
2. Tell us what your super hero name would be or if you aren't feeling creative, tell us who your favorite superhero is.


  1. Superman...he is my all time fav

  2. I have always liked Thor.

  3. Hmm.. Darna..:D

    Well, actually shes a Filipina superhero..
    Check out a photo of her here:

    darkworld_cutie at yahoo dot com

    1. I haven't heard of her... what is her superpower? She is like a sexy wonder woman .

  4. My superhero name is Lyrica Pagemaster. I protect books and readers from the evil gangs of Illiterates and Government. Two grotesques associations.

  5. You are a force of good Lyrica Pagemaster!

  6. Infinite why? Like how it sounds.
    Thank you for the reviews.

    1. lol, I like how it sounds too...haven't thought what I would want to be called...maybe Chocolate, cause I like how that tastes snort...I so funny...okay, not really, but a girl's got to try :)

  7. Hmm. Im horrible with coming up with names, so i cant really pick a super hero name. But my favorite superhero is Iron Man. Love him! ;D

  8. Contest is closed and the winner is Patsy! I have sent you an email :) thanks to everyone who entered!