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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

ConCarolinas 2014 Recap

Run down of my ConCarolinas 2014 experience. Check out the website to see what they are all about and what is coming up in 2015.
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I attended as an editor it comes...shameless plug...representing Devil in the Details Editing Services

My first panel, Start to Finish, was on Friday. I had no idea what it was about when I walked in. But I'm a fast learner. It was about writing a book and all the steps involved. There were 6 or 7 panelists and I was the only editor guest. Didn't get a chance to talk much, but I did throw in a useful comment or two and had some self pub authors ask for my card. So WINNING!
 We stuffed 220 packages of swag for the Beast Claws Street Team! We did not pack pizza, sorry.

That evening I went to the Faith Hunter, go read her books, Beast Claws swag packing party. I met lots of new and old claw mates. Faith was kind enough to buy us pizza. She is such a wonderful and elegant lady and appreciative of her fans.

Saturday I didn't have any panels so I hobnobbed around meeting all sorts of characters. This is the best thing about ConCarolinas, hobnobbing. I got to meet author of the Light Mage Wars Series Nancy Northcott too! She attended with her son (they live in the area). It was so nice to meet her face to face and talk. I hope to see her next time I am in Charlotte (waves at Nancy!)

Nancy Northcott, go read her books, and Roy Mauristen, go read his book (showing off his two books Shards of the Glass Slipper: Queen Cinder and Shards Of The Glass Slipper: Queen Alice Book two
James R Tuck being awesome as usual, go read his books, and I got to meet C. L. Wilson! Fabulous lady, go read her books.

I sat in on some cool panels, went to the costume contest and the charity auction. I Smell Sheep teamed up with Faith Hunter to auction off a whole signed set of Jane Yellowrock books and the vampire tree I made at Christmas. I also bought something! A complete set of 1974 original Rocky Horror Picture Show trading cards!!! Oh yeah baby! I won't admit to how much I paid <G> but it was for The NC Rescue Dog Association so I can still sleep with my self.
Here are some of the people Baaart met

 ERMERGERD! The Krampus was my favorite and the mechanical dude won first place.
 Curse you Red Barron!
It isn't a con unless the Star Fleet is there.
 Beam me up!
At night is when things got interesting. There was the very popular sex scene writing panel late that night. They carded you going in! It was a lot of fun and there were three crazy erotic authors: Alexandra Christian, Marcia Colette and Crymsyn Hart (go buy their books!) as well as CL Wilson and James Tuck. 
What is that they have? Moving on...
When it was over I ran into the brilliant comic artists/writers Bo Fader, Brockton McKinney and Tommy Lee Edwards (go buy their sh**), who along with Fried PIckle Noir author J.R. Mounts, had the funniest panel of the day talking about comic stuff. They drained a whole bottle of alcohol by the end of the panel. I hung out with the three outside for a bit and learned about baby skeleton legs.

Then I went to play Cards Against Humanity for the first time with some of the people from the sex panel. There were about 10 of us and there was alcohol involved. About 2 a.m. a bunch of us got hungry and hit the local Waffle House (there was a designated driver because we are responsible nerds). The place was packed! And three cops were stationed inside. Oh yeah. I got back to my room around 3 am.

Sunday I had two panels. One on social media with the fabulous Gail Z Martin (you guessed it! go buy her books) who knows a lot about the subject. I learned some stuff too. I even got a compliment on how I Smell Sheep interviews :) The other panel was Agents and Editors. That one was packed and I got to sit next to Faith Hunter on the panel! I felt so important. I was the only freelance editor. I think I made a contribution to the talk. I had many self pub authors ask me for my card so WINNING!

Oh, wait! George RR Martin was there! I only got to see him at the opening ceremonies because OMG the lines were long! He was funny and cheeky. I like the guy.
I think that about covers it all, and that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
I am putting together a swag pack from the con but running a bit behind! Will get it up soon


  1. Congrats on getting to sit on some panels! It sounds like you had an awesome experience. I'm dying to attend my next con...

    1. Where are you going? It would be great to meet you at one :) Katie and I are doing Coastal Magic in February (fingers crossed)

  2. That sounds like a wonderful weekend! Cons are so much fun.

    1. yes they are!! Especially when you see the same people every year. A time to catch up and talk books. I can never get enough of that :)

  3. This sounds like one of the best con yet, what a wonderful adventure. Thank you for sharing it with us :)

    1. :) it was crazy! Never go to the Waffle House at 2 in the morning...yikes!

  4. Congratulations on your participation. Sounds like it was a success. Good job and a fun post.

    1. thanks, it was a lot of fun.Next year they are moving to a larger facility so I can't wait to see how that goes.

  5. Awesome post Sharon, thank you! I love Faith Hunter books, so I hope she writes lots more. And I love CL Wilson too, and have been waiting 5 year for The Winter King now I think. So I hope it finally will get published next month or the next one ...
    I love cons, and I do hope you get a lot more work for your business, but not so much that you can't hang out on Facebook with us anymore!

    1. thanks Aurian! Cons are a blast. I've got another one next month, Con-gregate. It is its first year and in my town! I will be an editor/blogger guest again. I will never be too busy to play with my Flock! I haven't read CL Wilson yet, but I own the first book...should get on that some day