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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Book Review: Masks by Karen Chance

Masks (Cassandra Palmer World)
by Karen Chance

Kindle Edition, 406 pages
Published March 18th 2014
by Penguin
Fifteenth century Venice is a safe haven for the masterless dregs of the vampire world, a city where they can live without the fear of retribution for violating another’s territory.

Still, there are plenty of ways for a young vampire to die in the glittering city, a lesson that prince turned pauper Mircea Basarab must learn quickly. But there are opportunities, too—in the service of a secretive courtesan, in the bed of a beautiful senator, and in the hunt for an ancient assassin.

As a vendetta older than Venice itself comes to a climax, Mircea struggles to evade the dangers of his current life, to come to terms with his past, and to uncover the truth hidden behind a city of masks.

This review hurts my heart so hard. I adore, adore, adore the Cassandra Palmer series by Chance. Urban fantasy at a wham bam thank you ma’am break neck pace with amazing wit. Mask tells Mircea's back-story, before he became the powerful vampire in the Palmer series. It is told from his POV.

I don’t know what I was expecting. I knew it wouldn't be like the Palmer series, but I was hoping for an exciting pace. Mask was, for lack of a better word…boring. I never cared for any of the characters or 
Mircea. I ended up skimming the book for ‘good parts’.

I don’t recommend reading this book unless you are invested in the Palmer series and a big 
Mircea fan. I'm team Pritkin so maybe that had something to do with it. Don’t judge the Palmer series by this book!

I can’t really rate Masks since it was pretty much a DNF. Now excuse me while I go cry in a corner and hug my Cassandra Palmer books.



  1. Great review. Sorry, I couldn't help but laugh. Good luck with your next read.

    1. The next Palmer book will make up for it I'm sure :)

  2. Thanks for the warning and I'm sorry it was a disappointment

  3. I am falling out of love with the series, not sure if I will ever try this one myself. I still have Fury's Kiss on my shelves to read.

  4. I hate it when that happens, but thank you for making me smile and sharing your thoughts with us :)