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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Book Review: Carnal Magic by Lila Dubois book tour + giveaway

Carnal Magic
The Wraith Accords, Book 1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-61921-924-3
Book Length: 240 pages
By Lila Dubois
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Publication Date: 05-13-2014
What if the one you wanted more than any other was the only one you couldn’t trust?

Two hundred years after the Tuatha de Danaan and Vampires formed a fragile alliance, the Wraith Accords are unraveling. Isabel Santiago is a leader in one of the most powerful of the vampire cabals, and she agrees to join the Fae court as a gesture of goodwill—and damage control.

While Aed mac Goll’s loyalty to Fae is absolute, he’s never supported the accords which gave the Vampires sanctuary and restored the Tuatha de’s link to humanity. The very idea he could desire an undead human is unthinkable, yet he’s drawn to Isabel’s dark beauty and fierce intelligence.

Despite their mutual mistrust, they soon find themselves lost in a dangerous game of lust and power. When the treaty shatters amid calls for Isabel’s head, Aed realizes their connection is more than physical. And to save it, they’ll have to unravel a mystery that’s been a thousand years in the making.

Carnal Magic by Lila Dubois is the fist book in the new series The Wraith Accords. The book centers around the relationship between the Tuatha de Danann, who are Fae, and the Vampires. Two hundred years ago, they formed an alliance, but now something is wrong.

Isabel Santiago, a vampire leader, is sent to the Fae Court to mend the alliance. Isabel is a strong female character who is politically savvy. She has been around a long time, and you can tell. She is no green vampire feeling her way through. Isabel’s also not afraid to make the first move sexually and can be quite aggressive. Trust me, there is more than just romantic tension here.

Which brings me to Aed mac Goll of the Fianna. He is charged with Isabel’s care and let's just say that he takes care of her very well. It seems vampires aren’t quite what he believed them to be, and he finds that he might just enjoy the company of this particular vampire. As the book progresses, Isabel and Aed get closer and closer, as the relationship between the Tuatha de Danann and the Vampires grows farther apart.

The book moves at a fast clip, and we get drawn in further and further to a long time mystery that is finally coming to light. Isabel, in hopes of saving the alliance, starts to investigate the mystery herself. With the help of Aed, she might just have a chance to figure out what is really going on.

Isabel will find some answers, but we are left with some lingering questions at the end. As it is only book one, I am anticipating that the next in the series will provide some of the answers and shine a little more light on where this series is taking us. I especially like the scenes that took place in the Fae Court, so I'm hoping that it will be taking us back there. Maybe we will even figure out what is going on with the King?

3 ½ Sheep Holding Court



“Lady Isabel.” 

He came from the shadows, a massive outline of a man, darker than anything around him. It seemed the starlight didn’t touch his armor, which was a matte black that made her think of lightless prison cells deep underground. She couldn’t stop the shiver that shook her. 

He removed the full helmet, revealing a face as beautiful as the armor was dark. His hair was the rich brown of the earth with streaks of gold. His skin was pale, but not so pale as hers, more cream than white, but light enough that the blue of his eyes was startlingly bright. His hair was long and pulled back from his face, leaving his strong, angular features exposed. 

Isabel swallowed the saliva that pooled in her mouth. She wanted this man. She wanted to take him, fuck him, pleasure him and hurt him. She wanted to taste his blood as he fucked her, wanted to feel his hands on her flesh. He smelled like nothing she could describe, and the assault on her senses—visual, aural and olfactory—nearly brought her to her knees. It had been a very long time since she’d had such a strong reaction to a man. If this was what it would be like each time she met one of the Tuatha de Danaan, this mission would be far more challenging than she’d anticipated. 

Keeping her lips carefully closed, she nodded, hoping her trembling didn’t show. “Sir.” 

“I am Aed mac Goll of the Fianna.” He bowed low. 

“I am honored to meet so noble a warrior.” 

“You know of the Fianna?” His features hadn’t changed but the consternation was there in his voice. He held his helmet out to the side and it melted away into the darkness. 

The Fianna were the legendary warriors of the Tuatha de Danaan. They guarded the royal family and when called upon were a fighting force of unparalleled skill. Most of this was known only through human legends, the stories of Ireland detailing the exploits of the Fair Folk, who were once reported to be gods, then made mere men by the monks who recorded the tales. Fact and human myth rarely resembled each other, but Isabel had found that there was usually a kernel of truth buried in the origins of such stories, and what they’d learned of the Tuatha de Danaan since the Wraith Accords had confirmed that piece of legend. 

“I know only enough to be honored.” She curtsied again. 

Aed bowed. “The honor is mine. Will you follow me?” 

He gestured for her to precede him. Isabel let herself be guided deeper into Tara.

About the Author:
Lila Dubois is a tech writer by day and a romance writer by night. She’s living her own version of a romance novel with her Irish Farm Boy, whom she imported to Los Angeles. Having spent extensive time in France, Egypt, Turkey, Ireland and England, Lila speaks five languages, none of them—including English—fluently.

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