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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Book Review: America’s Most Haunted: The Secrets of Famous Paranormal Places by Eric Olsen and Theresa Argie

America’s Most Haunted: The Secrets of Famous Paranormal Places
by Eric Olsen and Theresa Argie
Publisher: Berkley
September 30, 2014.
Throughout the United States, there are places haunted by souls both malevolent and benign. Places where paranormal activity runs rampant. Places where we can glimpse the other side…

In America’s Most Haunted, “Haunted Housewife” investigator Theresa Argie and journalist Eric Olsen team up to take you on a first-person tour of some of America’s most active paranormal hotspots.

Experience the crawl through the death tunnel where visitors have reported sightings of an inhuman creature that creeps along the walls and ceilings. Walk the decks of the Queen Mary with the hundreds of souls that met their ends in watery graves. And get to know the spirits that wait in jails, mansions, lunatic asylums, and even a stately old hotel.

Combining spine-tingling stories, documented evidence, and interviews with some of the top names in paranormal investigation—including the stars of TV’s “Ghost Hunters,” “Ghost Adventures,” and more—America’s Most Haunted gives you a terrifying chance to tour our nation’s most famous haunted places.

Are you brave enough to take a look?

As someone who writes nonfiction ghost books and investigates the paranormal, both for fun, Paranormal World Seekers, and even for my books, when I had the chance to review this book, I agreed and settled in to enjoy it, which I did.

Mr. Olsen and Ms. Argie take readers through a spooky tour of what they consider the most haunted spots in the United States. Ms. Argie has teamed with fellow Haunted Housewife Cathi Weber (both are part of a three member team based along the shores of Lake Erie in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland that has done “Paranormal Challenges” on TV) for investigations in some of these places. Like the Queen Mary in Long Beach, the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia, and many of the others. Some, she has done with Mr. Olsen, like at the infamous Stanley Hotel in Colorado, the same hotel where Stephen King had written his terrifying novel, The Shining. Included also, are various interviews with people who work or live at these places, along with investigations led by Zach Baggins of Ghost Adventurers and SyFy’s Ghost Hunters, too.

Both authors draw you into these their adventures with the supernatural and whether an investigator of the paranormal or of the armchair variety, or even a skeptic, this book out just in time for Halloween and the cooler nights of autumn, will bring chills skittering up your spine and have you making sure all the lights are on in your house or apartment before you continue to read on.

I give America’s Most Haunted: The Secrets of Famous Paranormal Places 5 ghostly sheep!

Pamela Kinney

About the Authors:

Theresa Argie (the original Haunted Housewife)
Was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She is a wife, a mother, and ghost hunter who's focus is on the historical side of hauntings. She teamed up with para-historian Cathi "The Ghost Lady" Weber to form the dynamic "Haunted Housewives" duo. The Haunted Housewives have been featured extensively on radio and TV, including appearances on The Travel Channel, A&E, Biography, Syfy and NBC networks. Theresa's book, America's Most Haunted, was a collaboration with journalist and epic blogger Eric Olsen. Their work together as America's Most Haunted - the brand - includes a popular radio program, website, and a huge social media following.

Eric Olsen
Career media professional and serial entrepreneur Eric Olsen has an enviable track record of quality, leadership, influence, and success.

In 2002, Olsen founded online magazine, the multiple award‐winning "sinister cabal of superior bloggers," which he led to great heights and sold to Technorati in 2008.

Olsen then conceived and supervised the creation of a vibrant original content organization for in 2009 and 2010 before co-founding The Morton Report in 2011.

He has now flung himself into the paranormal world, is founder of the America's Most Haunted brand and co-author of the AMH book (Berkley/Penguin Sept, 2014).

Over a 30‐year media career, the proud father of four and husband of legendary blogger Dawn Olsen, has written influentially on a vast array of topics for periodicals, books, TV, radio, and the Internet.

Olsen is the principal author of Networking In the Music Industry (Rockpress, 1993), The Encyclopedia of Record Producers (Billboard Books, 1999), and co-author of America's Most Haunted (Berkley/Penguin, 2014).

Olsen founded and operated Olsen Entertainment, one of the leading DJ companies in hyper‐competitive Southern California in the '80s, established the "Cool Tunes" radio and TV brand in the '90s. Olsen was named a Trendsetter on the AlwaysOn/Technorati Open Media 100 power list in 2005, and has been a featured speaker at numerous industry events including BlogWorld and the Future of Music Coalition Summit.


  1. Is this book non-fiction? Not that that really matters because I was pretty much sold on the story after reading the blurb. And, talk about perfect timing with Halloween right around the corner! I like that it was written by an author duo too. Thanks for adding to my Amazon shopping cart this afternoon, Sharon! That's what gift certificates are for, right??

  2. It is non fiction written by two of the top in the field. Pamela reviewed it because she writes non fiction books on hauntings and is also a paranormal investigator :)