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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Pamela Kinney brings a little class to Sheep!

It brings us great honor to have author Pamela Kinney reviewing on Sheep! This gal is all kinds of classy and we love hearing her take on all the stories that she reviews. Want to know a little more about Pam? Check it out! 

Pam lives on the darkside of the moon. No, seriously in Virginia.

She reads and writes about what she loves: horror, fantasy, since fiction and paranormal romance, even the erotic stuff. Love nonfiction books on the paranormal, UFOs and Bigfoot, too.

We asked her to pick a side in the Coke or Pepsi war. "The real thing, of course! Coke." 

When it comes to zombies, what did she think will trigger the zombie apocalypse? The milk. It’s all about the milk. 

Pam is a Dragon lover, she's not afraid to check out the haunted houses and all the ghosts they bring! 

Where can folks stalk find you?
Twitter: @PamelaKKinney and also @SapphirePhelan

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