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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Swag: Author and Romance Cover Photographer Jenn LeBlanc

Sunday Swag Team!
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Today's feature: Author and Romance Cover Photographer Jenn LeBlanc

I met Jenn at Authors After Dark 2014 and got a signed set of her paper dolls for giveaway (I got one for me too).

About the Author:
Colorado. Canon. Curls. CJs. Chuck Norris.

Born and raised in this beautiful state —very nearly with a camera in hand— I never left. I started my own family, got used to the curls, went to college, built a CJ, started a business, and totally beat the daylights out of Chuck Norris, all with a camera in hand.

Spending my days in parenting chat rooms I got highly adept with one-handed typing and I can still type just about as fast with one hand as I can with two. It’s a great talent to have when engrossed in a scene and in need of a hit of caffeine. Once I finished my first novel I quickly realized: I was born a photographer.

From the realization that someone ELSE would be shooting the cover of MY book my control-freak took over. What started as an easy cover shoot ballooned into this completely new kind of media, designed specifically for digital book readers. The Illustrated Romance.

I live and thrive off chaos and the constant flow of the creative process. I wears shorts and flip-flops year-round —much to the chagrin of my friends and family.

The images from my book started a ruckus, and from there, #StudioSmexy was born, I’ve since shot over 300 romance novel covers, and currently shoot custom images for very special clients.

Illustrated Romance:

My first novel THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE: REDUX did its own Chuck Norris impersonati
on with the time travel charts on Amazon, where it took up residence for over a year. You can find me on Twitter and Facebook sharing eye candy (NSFW) and being a total rock star.

signed paper doll set

Head over to Riverina Romantics and win more Swag!

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  5. This is amazing! I want in, please. I shared via Twitter. michelle_willms at yahoo dot com.

  6. Wheeee!! Thanks all for stopping by and sharing! If you read the book come find me and let me know what you think!! And if you win the paper dolls take some pictures with their shenanigans!! I love to share #Twitchy in the wild with my readers :) :)

  7. So sorry I missed this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love paper dolls!

  8. Oh my gosh! I lovelovelove the paper dolls SO cool. I tweeted, fb shared, and also G+'d it. -

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