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Friday, September 12, 2014

Sheep Book Review: The Hot Zone (Rainshadow #3) by Jayne Castle

The Hot Zone (Rainshadow #3)
by Jayne Castle
Mass Market Paperback, 338 pages
Published August 26th 2014

by Jove

The world of Harmony has its wonders, one of them being Rainshadow Island. Just beneath its surface, a maze of catacombs hides a dangerous secret...…

Halloween—with its tricks and treats—is a dust bunny’s dream come true. Just ask Lyle, Sedona Snow’s faithful sidekick. But for Sedona, it’s a nightmare. Though her new job managing a small hotel and tavern on Rainshadow is helping her move on from her tragic past, a bizarre disaster down in the catacombs has brought a pack of rowdy ghost hunters to her inn.

And now, Sedona’s ex has arrived on the island, claiming he wants to get back together, just as a newcomer appears to have a strong interest in her. Cyrus Jones is the new Guild boss in town. He has his own agenda when it comes to Sedona, but even the best-laid plans are no match for the passion that springs up on Rainshadow.

The Hot Zone gives a whole new perspective on the term dust bunny and I will never look at or sweep the little critters away with the same enthusiasm again. This is my first foray into the world of Harmony and Rainshadow Island. These stories take place sometime in the future where things are not always what they seem. There are eleven books so far in the Harmony series and three in the Rainshadow series, which is a spinoff of the long running Harmony series.

The Hot Zone focuses on Sedona Snow and Cyrus Jones. Rainshadow is an island of misfits where people who just don't belong or are seeking sanctuary are welcome and Rainshadow folk look after their own. Sedona in an attempt to recover from a tragedy in her past is taking it day by day and focusing on her new job managing a small hotel and tavern. Cyrus is the new Guild boss who arrives at Rainshadow with his own plans including clearing the bugaboos from the catacombs.

There is a lot going on and the telling of the tale was, in my opinion, masterful. There is world building that is inserted so well from prior works that you never feel lost in this foreign world and the characters are so very fun and colorful that they are a joy to get to know. There is an abundance of action, treachery, murder, and mayhem with a sweet bit of smexy thrown into pot stirring up a perfect recipe for fun.

I loved the story and look forward to going back as I am able and getting to know this world better, as this taste has definitely left me hungry for more. I would recommend this book to alternative fiction fans to enjoy a lot of action and adventure with a little bit of heat and smexy thrown in the mix. I received this book from NetGalley.

5 Sheep


About the Author:
he author of a string of New York Times bestsellers, JAYNE ANN KRENTZ uses three different pen names for each of her three “worlds”. As JAYNE ANN KRENTZ (her married name) she writes contemporary romantic-suspense. She uses AMANDA QUICK for her novels of historical romantic-suspense. JAYNE CASTLE (her birth name) is reserved these days for her stories of futuristic/paranormal romantic-suspense.

In addition to her fiction writing, she is the editor of, and a contributor to, a non-fiction essay collection, DANGEROUS MEN AND ADVENTUROUS WOMEN: ROMANCE WRITERS ON THE APPEAL OF THE ROMANCE published by the University of Pennsylvania Press. Her commitment to her chosen genre has been strong from the very beginning of her career. Each year at the annual convention of the Romance Writers of America she participates in a special day-long workshop for librarians and speaks on the importance of the romance genre.

She earned a B.A. in History from the University of California at Santa Cruz and went on to obtain a Masters degree in Library Science from San Jose State University in California. Before she began writing full time she worked as a librarian in both academic and corporate libraries.

She is married and lives with her husband, Frank, in Seattle, Washington.

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