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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Saying Goodbye to The Hollows and Book Signing in Raleigh, NC

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr. Seuss

I keep telling myself this, and I believe it. I don't remember when I read book one, Dead Witch Walking. I think only three books were out at that time. I devoured them and waited every year for my next fix. Then one year I found out she was doing a signing near by and I haven't missed one since. Got the shirts, charms and freebies to prove it. So, yeah, I'm a fangirl. Thank you for that.

The Hollows was my first urban fantasy series and it sent me down the path to become one half of I Smell Sheep and starting my Devil in the Details Editing Services. And opening up so many different worlds I have had the pleasure of visiting through other authors. Thank you for that.

I experienced my first truly devastating character death with The Hollows. (As and adult, because I think every one my age or older dealt with the death of Old Yeller as a kid <G>). Only book lovers understand this feeling. And yes, thank you for that too.

It was a good time for the series to end. We know what happens when authors continue when their heart is no longer in it. I never felt cheated out of Kim's passion for her characters when I picked up the next Hollows book. Thank you for that.

Everyone who deserved it, got their happy ever after. Rachel ended up with my favorite character since book one and it was a squee worthy moment for me.

Thank you Kim Harrison and Rachel Morgan.


Okay, enough of the sappy stuff! I went to Kim's signing at The Quail Ridge Book Store in Raleigh, NC on Sept 12 (duh!) As always it was a great time. Blogger Anna Cade, the cat herder and soup burner, met me there and well, you can guess what happens when you put two bloggers together at a book event...there might have been drooling on my part. Any way, here are the few tidbits I picked up during the signing some of which you might have heard about already.

* In Oct there will be a 16 page-ish short story coming out from Al's POV. She gave the title, and of course I couldn't remember it for the 10 seconds I waited to write it down.

*Jinx was created so Rachel wouldn't have to talk to herself to pass information to the reader.

*Ceri was created to introduce Rachel to the bad side of the elves.

*Ceri and Pierce left the series because their part was done and needed to go.

*The demon curses in the book were created using a Latin source book. The Elven curses were completely made up by Kim.

* The CW TV deal fell through, but they had plans to change too much about the story so this was for the best. Kim is still fielding offers for TV possibilities. 

*Kim says she is a heavy plotter, except for the last chapters. A Witch With No Name was suppose to end on a beach.

*Kim's new series starts out with a woman who is at the top of her game with a great life and a sexy man. Then bad decisions from her past come back to wreck havoc. As opposed to Rachel's life where her current (multiple, bless her heart) bad decisions wreck havoc. There is accelerated science that looks like magic in the new series. The main characters are Perry (I have no idea if I'm spelling this right) and Jack.


  1. Sobbing here, thank you for the wonderful post. This has been one of my all time favorite series and while not the first urban fantasy (I blame Charlaine Harris for that) it was real close. I picked up this final installment and am looking forward to the read, but not the goodbye :)

    1. Charlaine's was my second UF series So I had a great introduction to the genre. From there it was Anita Blake series and The Fever series. Baron ruined me for all alpha males that followed

  2. It was a fab time as always :) Your first devastating character death? Gah make me nervous. I'll prepare myself. Mine was a Charlaine Harris one that got me. I so didn't see the hero being killed off. Totally wrecked me and my young reader-self a couple years ago. Whewboy!

    1. And no matter how many times you tell yourself "they aren't real people" it doesn't help . Since you've been through so many traumatic character deaths over the years, the one in The Hollows might not have the same affect on you as it did me.
      And anytime I meet up with you I have a good time because I know interesting peen stories will be coming (snort, see what I did there)

    2. It really doesn't! lol It's like losing a friend. I don't know. They still wreck me when it happens. I'll be prepared though. And bwahwaha yes peen stories springing up all over the place. Good times. Good times. ;)

  3. Thanks for the post. Plan to read the last one too. My first UF, was the first UF ever, War for the Oaks by Emma Bull. Though they didn't call it UF when I read it in 1987. It has been republished by first, Tor Books, then Tor Teen.

    1. I haven't heard of that one. Will go take a look :) might be a cool guest post to about your first UF...just saying... ;)

  4. This has been a fun ride and I'm glad she is leaving it knowing it is time. I have yet to read my copy, but have heard nothing but great reviews. Glad it won't be disappointing like some other recent series endings.

    Thanks for the review and the additional tidbits.

    1. I know what you mean. You get the HEA you want for everyone and the kick ass story lines you've gotten with all the other ones :) She doesn't short change her readers.