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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Book Review: Forest Christmas Children's Book (all proceeds donated to

Forest Christmas
Author: Carol Smith
Illustrator: Terri Kelleher
Publisher: Carol Smith, Richmond, Virginia
December 7, 2014.
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All the money from this book's purchases will be donated to FeedMore.Org (( Central Virginia Food Bank, Meals on Wheels and Community Kitchen). Ever wonder how forest creatures celebrate Christmas and the holiday season? Well, here's the inside scoop! Forest Christmas is a happy, heartwarming story brought to life with whimsical illustrations. It's for the young and the young at heart.

This is a children’s book with illustrations, written with the intent nor for the author to make herself money, but all earnings to go to a charity, Feed More. FeedMore is Central Virginia's hunger-relief leader made up of the Central Virginia Food Bank, Meals on Wheels Serving Central Virginia and the Community Kitchen. Working together to efficiently and effectively fight hunger to enhance lives in our community, FeedMore's programs provide hunger relief to our region’s most vulnerable populations, particularly children, families and seniors.

I was pleased to review this book. Right now it is on Kindle only, though I heard there may be a print copy at some point. It is about some animals in a forest getting ready for Christmas. We meet Owl, the deer family, foxes and more as they bring various things to decorate. A child from ages 4 to 6 will enjoy reading this, though I feel those younger will enjoy this as a bedtime story read to them by their parents. Even those older, but young at heart will enjoy this simple tale.

The artwork by Ms. Terri Kelleher is wonderful. The color pops and I think any child will be attracted to them, wanting to look at them as they read the story. You will be able to see three of the illustrations with this review, with permission by the author, along with the lovely cover. 
I give Forest Christmas 4 1/2 sheep.

Pamela Kinney

Find out more about the charity the book was written more at

About the Author, Carol Smith:
Carol Smith is a Baby Boomer who hails from New York and found a home in the Richmond, Virginia area with a husband and four cats (all rescues--the cats—not the husband). She is still considering what she wants to be when she grows up.
She has acted, sang in a rock band, was a radio DJ, worked in Information Technology fixing computer hardware and software, and taught high school science. She also investigates the paranormal, tutors reading, and recently, delved into writing. She guess she’s a career vagabond or potpourri (she hasn’t quite figured it out yet). Her websites are and
About the Illustrator, Terri Kelleher:
Terri Kelleher grew up in Maryland, USA and now lives in Ireland. She has been painting and illustrating for the past 16 years. Terri also writes and illustrates her own children’s books. Find out more about her at and at 


  1. Grabbed it for my little one.
    Love the charity! ~Mandie

    1. Local food banks are my favorite charities. You know it is going to directly help those in your area :) Thanks.

  2. What a great thing…love love love the illustrations! thx for sharing!