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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Guest post: Vampire Hunting in Disneyland with Author Jackson Stein (Dracula Rising) + giveaway

Today we have author Jackson Stein guest posting. I told him the flock liked things a little quirky and he met the challenge! Taking the hero of his series Dracula Rising, Vlad III, to Disneyland. Why? Read and find out...



Jackson Stein 
The parking lot was massive, cold and vacant. It faded into a dark haze, stretching before us like the frozen marshlands near Transylvania, the land I once ruled. My name is Vlad III.

The sun had not yet risen, leaving the terrain flooded by a shallow sea of broiling, blue-black mist. My brother, Radu, stepped up to my side with widening green eyes. He stared forward at the huge glowing castle just beyond the fog-laden expanse.

“There,” he said, one rigid finger shooting forward, through the early morning mist at the monolithic structure standing in our path. “My dear brother, there is the secret den of the Dark Order. They hold many hostages inside their encampment…most are much too short or weak to climb away to safety.”

His eyes narrowed as he searched through the swirling fog, gazing beyond the thick iron bars of the cold exterior walls.

Inside, long rows of well manicured sod led up to an enormous rose garden, the flowers arrogantly spelling out the name of their ruler.

“King Walt, from the Land of Disney, surely must be somewhere inside.” Radu growled with stone-cold eyes and squared-up jaw. “If we can find him, we can put a quick end to his unspeakable reign of tyranny. My dear brother, this King in the land of Disney is indeed a vampire…and this may be our only chance to stop him.”

I watched Radu as he opened his well-worn satchel, untying the thick leather cords, exposing the deadly contents inside: Two strong wooden stakes and two heavy mallets. He slowly handed the first set to me with a grim nod, then pushed the remaining vampire killing instruments deep under his tunic.

Our agents from the south had delivered a bleak report from two victims who had recently escaped. These two brave soldiers are called Chip and Dale, twin brothers from deep in the forest.

Their horrifying recount of what occurred shook me to my very core. Taken from their homes against their will, their families threatened with savage violence if they didn’t comply.

What the evil ruler did not know, however, was Chip and Dale had no other family, their last remaining relatives had passed away from scurvy just before their capture. The menacing threat of violence that kept the others quiet for so long had no hold over them, and now, finally, they were willing to speak out.

The first glimpse of sunlight painted the skyline with brilliant patterns of tangerine and chartreuse. The thick swirling colors looked like just-thrown paint, still-wet and dripping down a pale sky canvas.

We approached the exterior wall from the north, making our way toward the left side of the castle. The vivid colors reflected down to the highest mountain range in their insidious land, lighting up its thin upper ridge with glowing gold.

We quickly scaled the exterior fortification and crept forward, into the shadow filled corridors of Fantasyland. There was a wide moat surrounding this underground city called Smallworld. I pointed toward the water and Radu seemed to know at once what I was thinking.

Together we stepped into the chilling water with my senses heightening in my mind. We waded forward through the cold black water and into the gloomy cave-like darkness waiting just beyond. I knew it was much too dark for Radu to see, but I could see perfectly as I led him farther into the gloomy mist.

I will not describe what I saw inside, only to say: beware of that which dwells there.

We soon came to an opening on the far side and crept back out onto dry land. I peered through the hazy fog…and saw him.

It was the Mouse.

He walked down the deserted corridor with a bouncy gait and colorful clothing, as if without a care in the world. Radu dashed forward without warning, sprinting through the thick mist with boots pounding against the stone. I followed close behind, pulling my long sword from its leather home at my hip, hoping there would still be time to save him…and what remained of his fury little friends.

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About the Author:
Jackson Stein grew up and presently lives in the San Francisco bay area. Before becoming a writer he has worked as an animator, commercial director, musician and bartender.


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