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Friday, December 5, 2014

Coastal Magic Featured Author: Graylin Rane (Candy Man Delivery Stories)

This series grew out of a request I got to join the Red Hot Valentine’s series December 2013. The first story, TASTES LIKE CHOCOLATE, inspired me so much I had to keep going. 
Candy Man Delivery Stories Page on my site with cover art and blurbs for each. 

Interview with Viviana, Owner, Candy Man Delivery Service. 

How did you get into the business?
A milk chocolate slab showed up in my shop. I’m a sculptor and have a refrigerated room in the back for food items. The slab came with instructions to carve the hottest male figure I could imagine. I did so. I got an A on penis carving in school, so I thought I went overboard.

I guess the lucky woman with that Candy Man is grateful.

Yes, yes I am.

Oh, you got the first one?
After I carved this delicious man, I followed the instructions and sprinkled gold dust over him. He came to life and saved me from my ex fiancé.

You kept him?
He was, apparently, meant for me in the first place. Now, with Adonis by my side, we pick deserving women to receive Candy Men. They arrive in my shop as slabs of chocolate in the woman’s favorite flavor. I carve the statue and deliver it to the woman. She has to create a list of attributes she wants in a man other than being gorgeous, I’ve guaranteed that.

How long does the man stay with the woman?
They stay until the woman passes away.

Who are the men?
The statues are animated with the souls of Greek Gods. Picked by Eros for their compatibility with the particular woman.

How many are there?
So far, six. There aren’t any more planned at the moment, but that doesn’t mean I won’t get an unexpected delivery in the future.

Dark Chocolate Peppermint
by Garylin Rane
Releases 12/15/2014
Alicia ended a lucrative modeling career to get her MBA. Trying to find work in a crowded job market discouraged her as the men she interviewed with wanted a stripper instead of an employee. Fellow model and friend, Susie, watches the light fade from Alicia’s light brown complexion and puts her name into contention for a Candy Man.

Refusing to be discouraged, she decides to start her own modeling agency. Susie’s pregnancy announcement gives her an idea. An agency for models who are pregnant. Clothing lines need faces for maternity wear and the fashion industry hasn’t exploited that niche, yet. Her family, in town for Christmas, is fully supportive.

There’s just one complication, she’s been chosen for a Candy Man. She’s not sure her dreams can come true with a statue. Would her family accept a man who started off as chocolate? Can Vangelis tempt her to stay home with him or will she pull her Dark Chocolate Peppermint man into the chaotic modeling world?

About the Author:
Graylin Fox is a multi-published author and poet. She began writing poetry in 1993 with her first poem published in 1995. In 2008, her characters demanded a larger format and she began to expand her talents into the short fiction market.

Decadent Publishing published her short story, Coming Home, in January 2011. In July of 2011 Decadent Publishing released Your Biggest Fan, a psychological thriller. Her series, Summer Fae, began with Contagion in April 2011. This series continued with Bloodlines, a novella in September 2012. The final installment of the series, The Legacy, will be out in 2013.

Her first full-length novel, Smolder, about a Hospital Psychologist who finds love while dodging a killer, released May 9, 2013.

She lives in a marsh off the eastern coast with plants that struggle to survive on her “happy muse” weeks and a tiny cat runs the place. Graylin can be found at and contacted at

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