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Sunday, December 14, 2014

What to Help a Nerd out? Short Story Competition on Amazon

Want to help a nerd out? Jay Faulkner, a Following the Nerd dude has a short story (13000 words, just 9 pages) in a competition on amazon. Give it a read and review and you will be entered to win (details below).

Always and Forever (short story)
Kindle Edition
From the 2010 Penguin Ireland Short Story short listed author comes a heartrending vignette involving a couple irrevocably changed by the zombie plague.

Always and Forever is a short story.

Praise for Always and Forever:
“Jay Faulkner’s ‘Always and Forever’ was a heartrending vignette involving a couple irrevocably changed by the zombie plague” ~ Paul Goat Allen (Barnes and Noble)

“This is a beautiful and sorrowful tale of a married couple whose life is destroyed by a virus, and the lengths they will go to to honor their love. In just over two pages the author allows us to feel the longing, fear and the depth of love this couple share.” ~

Every review* of Always and Forever (Amazon, Goodreads, or on blogs) will be entered into a draw.

Everyone who enters, by leaving a review, will be eligible to name a character that gets killed – in horrible and inventive ways - in the upcoming apocalypse thriller, ‘Tower’.

The grand prize winner (chosen randomly) will be eligible to name a survivor in the story as well as receive an Amazon gift voucher for $15.

Always and Forever will be FREE from Friday 12th December 2014 to Tuesday 16th December 2014.

The competition itself is open now and will end on Wednesday 31st December – the winner will be announced by Monday 5th January 2015.

*links to reviews will need to be emailed to by the closing date.

Where to find it:

Amazon UK -
Amazon US -
If required outside of these locations please search by title, author, and/or ASIN.

When the outbreak began, news reports said it was just a variation of seasonal flu. Two days later hospitals were over capacity, the rail network had all but collapsed, and military troops had been deployed to quell riots in major cities. The flu outbreak became an epidemic so fast that it overwhelmed the country. The epidemic turned into an apocalypse; at least according to the last radio transmissions we’d heard five days back. The radio announcer was somewhere in London, he never said where, and when he wasn’t quoting from the Bible, or quietly sobbing to himself, he was repeating the same information over and over.

The dead walked.

About the author:
Jay Faulkner resides in Northern Ireland with his wife, Carole, and their two boys, Mackenzie and Nathaniel. He says that while he is a writer, martial artist, sketcher, and dreamer he's mostly just a husband and father.

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  1. Nope, I saw the word "zombie" so this is not for me even if it is just 9 pages. Good luck though Jay!