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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Book Review: Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire (Love at Stake book 16) by Kerrelyn Sparks

Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire (Love at Stake book 16)
By: Kerrelyn Sparks
Paranormal Romance
384 pages
Russell wakes from a coma to find he's become a vampire. Now he has a thirst for revenge. Determined to hunt down the master vampire who turned him, he's used to working alone . . . until he meets Jia. She is after the same vampire for murdering her parents and insists she can help Russell on this mission. Reluctantly, he agrees, and sets up some ground rules:
Rule #1: Their partnership is strictly business. If he holds her a little too close . . . if she looks at him with those exotic eyes . . . well, that has to stop.
Rule #2: He's in charge. Jia isn't used to taking orders and questions every move he makes. So he stops her the only way he knows how.
Rule #3: Don't fall in love. But the kiss that was supposed to quiet her awakens something else in him . . . something forbidden. Because Jia is engaged. To someone else.

With the final conclusion on the Love at Stake series, I'm left a little sad and already missing these guys and gals who have won me over. I would have LOVED one last whacky commercial from the DVN network. Some of the funniest moments were reading about that network. Maybe the network itself will have a spinoff series, who knows but either way I am bummed to see this saga end.

Mrs. Sparks has always had the ability to write heartfelt and touching stories in this PNR world. There's emotional situations and adventure for sure, but there is never an over the top amount of gruesome killing and gore. The whole Love at Stake saga in based off each character finally finding that happily ever after. You know this after the first few books and that's why you keep coming back for more.

I personally enjoy the warmth that these books created, like a blanket you want to wrap up in during a cold winters night. Russell and Jia's story is yet another example of finding warmth in the coldness. While I didn't really feel an off the charts love connection, the two seemed a compatible fit that was sweet and caring.

Tons of development and some final twists that helps bring the series around to the ending place. Some loose ends here and there but maybe we will see a more in this word down the line! I recommend this series to anyone who likes well written and developed characters, but don't need the big bang and booms of hard hitting PNR.

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About the Author:
Kerrelyn Sparks’ first paranormal romance, How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire, zoomed out of the bat cave so fast it became Borders bestselling debut romance of 2005. Each book in the Love at Stake series has become a USAToday bestseller. When the fourth book,The Undead Next Door, landed on the New York Times bestseller list, even the Undead sat up and took notice, which made Kerrelyn a bit nervous. She lives in the Greater Houston area with her husband, children, and a house full of garlic. So far, there are no vampires in her family. Werewolves are another matter entirely.

You may email Kerrelyn by using the link on the sidebar. She would love to hear from you! Most email will receive a response, except on the night of a full moon.


  1. I sad to see this series end. However, I'm glad Russell finds his HEA.

    1. He sure does! And I agree too. Would love to see these characters again or maybe a new spinoff!

    2. I thought this was just the end to Master Han not to the series. She's not ending LAS

  2. I love this series and this author. A spinoff would be awesome.

  3. Ooo I did not know this is the last book. Time for me to start reading! I think I have only read the first one, many years ago. And I have over a dozen, I'm sure.
    Great review Katie, thanks!

  4. I don't want this series to end! I've loved the great characters and the wonderful humor. Maybe there is some way to convince Kerrelyn to find a way to continue. Maybe just make this the end of a story arc and not the series????? Please?????

  5. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

  6. Love the author, love her books, and thank you for hosting this great giveaway.

  7. Love this series. Almost caught up to the new book coming out. Sad this is the last book for now. Will have to reread the series over and over again to get my fix.

  8. Everything Ms. Sparks writes is fantastic!!! I have a number of her books more then once and this will be the same. Thx!!!

  9. I love Kerrelyn Sparks and came upon her series by accident 2 years ago. I found two of her books in the library (Undead nextdoor and Vampire and the virgin) and I read these and found out there was a whole series to read so I went and bought all of them. I am a strong fan of kerrelyn and I am making a cast video for the series just waiting for this book then I will finish it :).

    But I'm sure I heard that this was not going to be the last and that Kerrelyn is taking a break from writi g the series because if this ain't true then i'm going to miss her books.

  10. One of my favorite series.I didn't realize this was the last book in the series. :(
    But hopefully all the characters we've grown to love will be back in some reunion. Thanks for the chance.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  11. I want to enlarge the front and back of the book and frame and hang it on my wall. They are so beautiful!

  12. I was just recommending this series to some facebook friends. I'm so glad Russell is getting his own book!

  13. I stumbled upon this series 2 Christmases ago. I instantly fell in love after reading Ian's story! I immediately ordered the rest of her books and read them in 2 days. Lol then I not so patiently waited as each new one came out. I'm sad to see them go!