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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Do ewe tsu?

Have you heard about the new social media? Hey! come back here... I understand, you don't want to handle another social media site, well, me neither. But...
I see the frustration of fan page owners, especially authors. As a blogger and reader keeping in touch with what's going on in the book world is important to me. Even though I want to get fan pages in my stream I'm not getting all of them. I can also see Facebook's dilemma. People subscribe to hundreds of fan pages and there is no way we scroll through all of them and not accidently miss aunt Jane's status that she is moving to a nudist colony. So what to do?

tsu can potentially fill the need to keep up with publishing community. If authors create fan page over on tsu then all I have to do is have an account there and follow who I want. The key here is to follow, not friend. I can friend, but then I've turned tsu into another social media site instead of a place to get information.

Here is an anology:
Tsu is to fan pages as Bloglovin is to blogs.

I don't have time to visit every blog I'm interested in so I collect my favorites at a reader site like Bloglovin or Network Blogs. I can quickly scan through them and choose which ones I want to see that day. Treat tsu the same way. You can check your feed and see what authors are up too and click on links you're interested in that day.

The cool thing is tsu looks and work very similar to Facebook so you won't have any problem using it. If tsu does become a big hit and the masses move over there then you already have an account with the username you want. If it flops...delete your account and move on.

This is just one idea for a way for tsu to be used by the book community.

Anyone have other ideas?

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