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Thursday, December 4, 2014

December 2014 New Movie Releases

What are you guys wanting to see this month? We want to checkout The Hobbit, Annie, The Interview, Night at the Museum 3, and Into the Woods.

Dec 5

Dec 12

Dec 17

Dec 19

Dec 25


  1. Probably the only movie I would go see is The Hobbit. I love those types of movies. Annie, not so much. Didn't like the previous versions (I can't stand the song "Tomorrow") and I'm not fond of what I've seen of this one either.

    1. I don't like the original Annie versions. That curly red headed brat always irked me. But I really like the girl they picked. About time they modernized it :) Night at the Museum is one my family wants to see.

  2. "Into the Woods", definitely! The final installment of the The Hobbit, of course! And "Night at the Museum 3" --- I have to admit to a secret love of this franchise, because it was my childhood dream to have the wonderful things in a museum come to life after hours! (except possibly mummies -- I drew the line there...)

    1. I love the NATM movies too. I also will see Into the Woods :)