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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Book Review: Call Me by Rick Auterson

Call Me
by Rick Auterson

Paperback: 228 pages
Eternal Press (July 1, 2015)
There are a few rare women who see one-hundred times as many colors as the rest of us: not just more shades of color, more colors-colors for which there are no names. At just eleven years old, Karen is hiding a dark secret. She cannot see colors like everybody else. Her father takes her to an art show and, while everybody else sees the paintings as wildly colorful abstracts, to Karen, it is the first time she has ever seen anything that looks real. Hidden in the sky of one particular painting are the words CALL ME but only Karen can see them. She breaks down in tears when she realizes that she is not the only one. There is another girl like her.

Quite an interesting book and I wonder if some of it might be based in some medical fact. A gene that gives a person a four color spectrum instead of the normal three colors. Wouldn't that be a hoot. Like living in a painting seeing so much more to the hues of our universe! Not only seeing the colors but being able to "see" the colors of emotions on people. Impossible to hide true feelings!

I have to say the first page caught my attention because it was set in the area that I also grew up around. Paris, Champaign and Chicago, Illinois. It was fun being able to reminisce about the places mentioned which helped me relate to the story. A young girl with the genetic disorder feeling very disconnected from life because of her "disability" (or at least that was how she saw it) and her widowed father discovers another women with the same disorder. A painting brought them together and the author gave a heartwarming description of how it must feel to finally meet someone with whom they can share their vision of the world. I suspect it is the reason most support groups are helpful to anyone feeling "alone" with their individual conditions.

Anyway, the rest of the story was a pretty typical love story with a little danger thrown in for good measure. Widowed father meets woman with same condition as his daughter and immediately feels an attraction and that feeling is returned. Daughter orchestrates and encourages the relationship and "Well, you can probably fill in the rest". There were a few other revelations regarding the abilities of the "color spectrum" condition such as seeing disease colors but all in all I felt the story was a little "vanilla" with a few sprinkles on top. Easy read but I didn't have a problem putting it down between reading sessions.

If you are looking for something that has an interesting "topic" housed in a feel good family story, this would be for you.

I give this story 3 "colorful" sheep

Jeanie G

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