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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Book Review: Hell on Heels - A Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter Novella by John G. Hartness

Hell on Heels - A Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter Novella
by John G. Hartness

116 pages
Falstaff Books July 29, 2015
You think your family has baggage? Quincy Harker has to not only deal with his uncle's psychotic vampire ex-minion Augustus Renfield, but there's a new Vampire Hunter in town, and her name is Van Helsing! It's not a good day for a foul-mouthed magic-using demon hunter, and it gets worse when the original Renfield kidnaps the current Renfield to lure Harker and his Uncle Luke (you can call him Dracula if you prefer) into an ambush.

"John Hartness' sense of humor, sarcasm and snark makes his tales unique."

"I've always been a fan of the Dracula mythology, and Hartness puts a unique spin on it."


Now this is how you write a freaking monster-ass kicking story! Hell of Heels is the third novella in the Quincy Harker series. And my favorite so far! You know how you have to pay extra for the center meat of a watermelon because it is the best part. Well, this story is like that. Hartness took a novel's worth of story and carved out the best part of it. Not sure why the melon comparison, but I love watermelon so made sense at the time.

Action packed from start to finish. Every character is strong, snarky, fun and I love them all, even the big bad. Not to mention a clever take on the whole Dracula/Harker/Renfield/Van Helsing stories.

Quote from book. Everytime Quincy Harker speaks it contains many, many colorful words so if you want to read just highlight it <G>.

"When he wants to be, when he needs to be, he can drop all that 'Uncle Luke' bullshit in a hot second and turn into Count Motherfucking Dracula, Vlad the Goddam Impaler, Lord of the Undead and One Hundred Percent Baddest Son of a Bitch on the Planet. If you ever forget, ever, for even a second, that your employer can rip your heart out of your chest with his bare hands and drink the blood from it while it still beats hot in his palm, it may be the last mistake you make. [...] Because this ain't no movie BS. This is the real deal, and Dracula is gonna get biblical on a motherfucker."

5 "We are Pitchfork" Sheep


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About the Author:
This is me, and this is where I write. I’m John “Falstaff” Hartness and I’ve been writing for years, for myself and for other people. Once upon a time I did a little gig for Turner Broadcasting as part of their My South ad campaign and that got me interested in writing fiction and poetry again. After writing a poker blog for several years, I’ve transitioned into writing fiction, and launched this site to be my internet home. This is where I try out new stories, new essays and poems, and post photos of some of the shows I’ve designed.

I grew up in Bullock Creek, South Carolina, the youngest of four kids. I’m a graduate of Winthrop Universty with a BA in Theatre Performance, and I live in Charlotte with my lovely wife Suzy. We’ve been active in the theatre community around Charlotte for years, and between us we’ve worked for almost every theatre group in town at some point. My work has primarily been as a lighting designer, but I've also directed quite a bit, done sound and set design, and even acted once in a while. But I’ve always wanted to write, and this site is where I do it. So welcome, thanks for stopping by.

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