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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Book Review: Fear The Darkness (The Dark Series #3) by L.A. Wild

Fear The Darkness (The Dark Series #3)
by L.A. Wild

Kindle Edition, 335 pages
July 16th 2015
Dreams and lost recollections have begun to merge, blurring the lines between right and wrong. Worse. An unknown has tampered with my memories, tangled them into a network and hidden them from me. How do I know? Khaos, the destroyer of worlds, who carves my mind in two has found them. Did Black build the crumbling barricade to keep the homicidal goddess trapped? Or to keep me on one half of my mind, away from the truth? 

Amid my battles with a DNA-consuming virus, ghouls, and other paranormal creatures spilling into Glasgow city, more of the seven objects reveal themselves. The dark power they possess seems to wrinkle the very fabric of time. Maybe those keys came from the depths of hell itself. I don’t know. But I can use them to reshape the past. Except, the only consistency in my strange and precarious existence, Black, keeps warning, “Consequences and repercussions, Keese.”

Screw him. I want my sister and parents alive and at my side—no matter the cost.

From the seedy side of Glasgow, to the ancient pyramids of Egypt, to the golden sands of Australia, I discover the hard truth about where I came from, about the body I identified as my twin, and about the betrayal of the man who I’ve laid with, fought with, and lied for.

Book three of this stellar series picks up exactly where book two left off. Summer is fumbling her way through her paranormal life trying to piece together several mysteries at once. Central to Summer’s pursuit of knowledge is the mysterious death of Carla, her twin. Along the way, Summer amasses more enemies than allies, and those characters offering assistance to Summer are generally less than forthright, only contributing to the multi-layered mystery.

For the majority of Fear the Darkness readers are immersed in much of the same. Summer jumps from one crisis to another, continually managing to only narrowly escape death. While at times it seems Summer is on a hamster wheel to nowhere, I was thoroughly entertained by the eternal hijinks. Slowly, she is becoming a craftier detective and increasingly skilled fighter. For all the positive evolution within Summer’s character, I have one major complaint. Summer has access to a book, the Finis Dierum. My understanding of the book is that it’s an explanatory book of origins. Black has implored Summer to study it, she occasionally vows to read it, however, for three installments of this series, Summer has avoided reading the text despite the wealth of knowledge between it covers. Why, Summer, why are you not reading that book? It’s like having the ultimate weapon at your fingertips, but foolishly refusing to use it. I hope this is resolved. Soon.

My adoration of Warwick Black continues in this installment. I’m such a sucker for an authoritative, dangerous bad boy. I enjoyed the progression of Summer and Black’s relationship in Fear, however, for every forward step these two take together, two steps backward inevitably follow, so don’t look for a neatly packaged happily ever after with these two … at least not yet.

Just when I thought the mysteries within The Dark series were becoming too dense to navigate, Wild provides her readers with some answers. In the latter portion of the book, readers are rewarded with an explanation of sorts regarding Summer’s existence and Summer and Black’s relationship. We are now poised for something big. With Envy the Darkness slated for release later this year, hopefully readers will not be waiting long.

So, have you started this series yet? Don’t let The Dark be as the Finis Dierum is to Summer. Stop procrastinating and pick this ultimate urban fantasy series. You’ll be thrilled you did

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5 Sheep

Bianca Greenwood

About the Author:
L A Wild is an urban fantasy novelist who grew up in England, then later lived in Greece, Glasgow and Milton Keynes before moving to Australia in 2006. She is the creator and writer behind the Dark Series.

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  1. I like it when covers create a brand and Wild has done it with the Darkness series. Made me stop and check them out. :-)
    sherry @ fundinmental