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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August The Year of the Sheep Giveaway!

Here we are again...time for more Year of the Sheep fun. Let's say Congratulations to our three July winners:
Missy E. won prize pack #1
Mary Kirkland won prize pack #2
Peggy L. won prize pack #3
Link to what they won
Time for the August Year of the Sheep giveaway

There are special entries for sheeples who go that extra mile to prove their love. You can sheepify a picture. If you are still confused about what or how to do this check out two of our followers ideas!

These three devoted sheeples are showing their love!
Barbara gives the royal treatment (left), Christine Elaine Heinrich Lee made a work of art (center), Tanya Marie Ward exploited her children! (right) I am so proud of these sheeples :)

Exclusive unveiling of a new I Smell Sheep commercial!
Go ahead and spread this sh** on everything!
This was created by Anis over at
It was only $5 for the video and I paid an extra $5 to get our logo in the beginning.

Special Thanks for the August giveaways
Dawn Cavenee for the cool Year of the Sheep shirt
Tara Fox Hall for shirt and swag
Ricardo Sanchez for the SDCC swag and graphic novel Telara Chronicles #1

Prize Pack #1 (US only) Comic madness!

-SDCC tote bag, Telara graphic novel, SDCC program signed by Rick Sanchez.
-Superhero tote, stickers, folder, comic book, pens, buttons, pencil case
-I Smell Sheep tshirt

Prize Pack #2 (US only)
Tara Fox Hall -Tshirt, pen, magnet, notepad, bookmarks, stamp
Dark Ghost - Christine Feehan
Dark Moon- Kate Douglas
Flight of Death - Yasmine Galenorn
Energized - Mary Behre
Siren's Call - Jayne Castle
Archangel's Enigma - Nalini Singh
The Scandalous Mackenzies - Jennifer Ashley
A Red-Rose Chain - Seanan McGuire
Dead Ice - Laurell K. Hamilton

Prize Pack #3 (US/Int.)
-Sheep swag: ornament, sheep poo bookmark, moonpie, kool aid, lucky candy, Year of the Sheep stamp, Paperback roll-on perfume.
-Shaun the Sheep activity book
-fortune cookies!

THERE ARE TWO RAFFLEDUDES! Pay attention to what you enter. One is US only and the other is for US and Int.


  1. Romancing the Sheep. Thanks for the great giveaways.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  2. Gone with the Sheep.... hehe... gotta go for the easy one!! Thanks for another awesome giveaway!

  3. The Sheep and the Highlander...think Sabrina York will grant me a tiara for this title?? LOL Thanks for another great giveaway.

  4. Forty Shades of Sheep (or 40 Shades of Ewe, depends on your perspective).


  5. Been rereading Tara Lain's Harker Pack and promptly thought of these :D

    The Herd or The Sheep
    Sheep in Gucci Loafers.
    A Sheep In Winter

  6. Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to win the book package. Some of my favorite authors in it.

  7. 50 shades of sheep! <-- I'm shuddering a bit.

  8. The Billionaire Bachelor and the Black Sheep. lol

  9. Not much into romance, but how about
    Baa-ed to ewe (Bared to you). Wonderful prizes, thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Baalander
    Gone With the Sheep
    A Sheep in Shining Armor

  11. All I Want Is Ewe

    Sheepless Nights

    RAMblin' Man

    Fleeced by Love


  12. Melt with Ewe
    Entwined with Ewe
    Because Ewe Loved Me
    Bite Me If Ewe Can
    Hungry for Ewe

  13. Wow, great selection in Prize Pack #2 Very nice. Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. Beauty and the Billionaire Sheep
    Little Red Riding Ewes
    Ewe's Love or Ram's Love
    The Rams shared Bride
    Loved by the Sheep
    The Ewe's Billionaire
    To Tame a Sheep

  15. The Scandalous Sheep and the Dashing Prince

  16. A Tail of Two Sheep (not a romance I know).

  17. Missing My Sheep
    50 Shades of Sheep

  18. Lord of Sheep. Sheep in Winter. Or maybe Master of Sheep...


  19. Sheep ! I like fiverr! I got my logo there too!