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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Book Review: Mark of the Necromancer (A Sabrina Grayson Novel) by Tamsin L. Silver

We had two reviewers read Mark of the Necromancer. This is Denise B's review
Bianca Greenwood's review is here

Mark of the Necromancer (A Sabrina Grayson Novel)
by Tamsin L. Silver
Pages: 391
Sabrina Grayson is dead and it's the best thing that has ever happened to her.

As a child, Sabrina saw ghosts, but with age and parental influence, she forgot all about them. That is, until fate stepped in to bring her back where she belonged: with the dead.

Now she's a Necromancer; the only one who can travel the Death Highway and walk the Earth. As a new member of the supernatural world, Sabrina discovers the truth about her past and must learn who she really is. To do this, she will have to team up with Detective Alex Price, the one man she can't stand. Only together can they figure out who murdered her and why they are killing her friends off one by one.

Determined to save them and the city she loves from the evil plot they uncover, Sabrina will put her soul on the line...even if it means going to Hell and fighting Lucifer himself.

When I first started this book I was a little apprehensive. The letter to the reader stated the book was almost completely written on an iPhone because the writer wrote on the subway in New York because she had just gotten a puppy and didn’t have time to write at home. She also stated that she was just writing for fun and may never have finished and published the book if it hadn’t been for a friend of hers Carmen Baum. I must say thank you Carmen because I really am glad that I did read the book and did enjoy it immensely.

Vampires, witches, the fae, demons, Lucifer and a necromancer … need I say more? These are some of my favorites so anytime I see a book that is going to be full of them I am eager to read it. This did not disappoint.

Bree was a self-centered, rich girl who cared about no one but herself until her life was turned upside down and she became a vampire of sorts. Not only a vampire but a Necromancer as well. Her maker was Alex, her old next door neighbor who she thought was dead and seems to really hate her. She has no idea why he even saved her if he hated her so badly in life. Bree finds on her journey her life wasn’t as it seemed and she starts to become more Sabrina than Bree.

This book had some new turns on the supernatural that I haven’t read and it was great to see some new angles with some of the old ones. I really hope that Silver does continue with this series and soon because it was a book that I loved and would like to continue with.
Getting 4 1/2 sheep

Denise B

About the Author:
I am a Young Adult Urban Fantasy Author. The first four books of my "WINDFIRE" series are out and you can purchase an e-copy or a print version of them on Amazon and on Smashwords. I am the creator/writer/director for the online TV Show, "Skye Of The Damned," which you can see more on at: Currently I live in NYC where I not only work just at my craft as an author but in the theatre/film world as well, where I write, direct and design. I hold a degree in Theatre/Secondary Education from Winthrop University and have had my writings performed on stage in NYC and now on web TV.

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  1. This sounds like my kind of book too! Thanks for reviewing, I will add it to my ever growing list. Haha