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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Book Review: Vampiress: Bloodborne (Vampiress Thrillogy Book One) by Kya Aliana

Vampiress: Bloodborne (Vampiress Thrillogy Book One)
by  Kya Aliana
Publisher: Winlock Press
March 31, 2015.
Hailey McCawl just turned twenty-one, dropped out of college, and returned home - against her better judgment - to live with her parents and her little brother, Christopher. She has no idea what to do with her life, she's sick of trying to figure it out, and it's about to get a lot more complicated.

Tonight Hailey will unwillingly become a modern-day vampire and enter into a dark new world she never knew existed... Nothing will ever be the same.

In the days and nights to come, Hailey will be forced to discover herself, face her problems, and embrace her new and unusual powers as she enters into an arcane community of the undead. Before she has time to settle down, she will commit the greatest crime any vampire can imagine: turning a lethal vampire hunter into one of their own. Not only will she have to fend for herself, but she'll also risk everything to protect her little brother.

Bloodborne is a must for fans of vampires, action, intrigue, Evil plots, young people facing the future, discovering who you are while battling who you want to be, and anyone, any age, who loves a supernatural story well told.

Hailey McCawl dropped out of college and hates her life and the small town she lives in. Her father appears to control her and any person she meets with no explanation why. Though her father gives her a necklace to wear. The only person that gets her is her little brother, Christopher.

She has a chance to escape the town and visit her best friend, Zakk down in Florida. But she blows everything after meeting a mysterious man, Mordecai Drackett, someone whom her brother saw at the carnival their family attended and claims is a monster. Which Hailey finds out that he is—a vampire. 

He takes her blood and changes her. His brother, James, takes her under his wing to help her changing easier for her. More so, she finds the town had many more vampires than she knew. As a new-born vampire, her world has been turned upside down. Unable to control her hunger or her urges to partake in a feast of blood, even her friends and family members are not safe from attack. Like her friend, Zakk, a vampire hunter (even though he does not know it at the time) sees what is wrong and she bites him, changing him into a vampire too.

You think this is a paranormal romance, but it is not. It is a horror Young Adult. Dark and twisted, the vampire legend turned upside down and inside out in this novel, it kept me reading it. Unlike a vampire, you do want this book in your home or library. Kya Aliana is the next author of vampire fiction you want to read.

I give Vampiress: Bloodborne (Vampiress Thrillogy Book One) 5 vampiric sheep.

Pamela Kinney

About the Author:
Kya Aliana is the twenty year old author of the Vampiress Thrillogy (published by Winlock Press). Kya wrote her first novel at thirteen and didn't stop there. Now, nine novels later and at twenty years old, she's turned her reading and writing addiction into a career she loves. She self-published five books in her teen years and has recently been signed by traditional publishing house Winlock Press. She is a full-time writer living with her husband in the beautiful Virginia area. Writing is her greatest passion in life; she's found her calling in the horror world. Ever since she read her first Stephen King book, she's been hooked.

She is married to her wonderful and supportive husband, Zariel, who encourages her to write and follow her dreams. He's an amazing glass blower. They follow their dreams and passions together, supporting, encouraging, and inspiring each other every single day. Through love, hard work, determination, and their belief in each other, they feel they will achieve great things.

Kya Aliana is always eager to learn and will be the first to spark up a conversation with a fellow author. She always strives to improve with each story as she steadily masters the several dark layers of horror. She's recently been hard at work writing her Vampiress Thrillogy (and you can bet her vampires don't sparkle). The first book Vampiress: Bloodborne is available now.


  1. I'm not a huge fan of YA, but this sounds really interesting. I will have to add it to my list.

    1. I'm the same as you. And I am curious about this one too.

    2. I'm the same as you. And I am curious about this one too.

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    I can't find this book anywhere.