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Friday, November 6, 2015

Another Hole in the Head Festival Movie Review: Hunting Grounds

9/3/16 UPDATE: Today Indiewire announced U.S. distribution for the film will come from Uncork'd Entertainment and the film's title will be changed to Hunting Grounds. An exact release date is TBA.
The film will retain its original title and poster art (see below) in foreign territories.

Hunting Grounds
original title: Valley of the Sasquatch (2015)
Director: John Portanova Starring: Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, Jason Vail, David Saucedo, D'Angelo Midili, and Bill Oberst Jr.
20 February 2015
Horror, Thriller
Running Time: 91
Country: USA
After losing their home following a devastating tragedy, a father and son are forced to move to an old family cabin. Neither reacts well to being thrown into this new world. The son's attempts to relate to his father are complicated when two old friends arrive for a weekend of hunting. This trip into the forest will unearth not only buried feelings of guilt and betrayal, but also a tribe of Sasquatch that are determined to protect their land.

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This isn't your typical horror movie. Instead of focusing on the outside threat, Sasquatch, the film makers chose the father and son dynamic. There is still monster killing madness, but this is more of a drama about how people react when put in life threatening situations. 

The beginning of the film shows the beautiful Washington state mountain wilderness. Once it was time for Sasquatching all the shots were in the dark and most of the time I couldn't tell what was happening to who. They used an actor to play Sasquatch but you only get glimpses of him or one of his appendages. He looked like Chewbaca's stunt double. Gave the movie an old school feel, before the days of CGI.

The movie centered around the teenage son, Michael, played by Miles Joris-Peyrafitte and his acting out shone the others. 

It wasn't what I expected, but there were a few twists. While Sasquatch obviously reacts because its territory is being invaded, there is no reason shown for one of the most important plot twists. 

3 "Don't mess with my family" Sheep


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