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Friday, November 13, 2015

Guest Post: Fated Love -- Gotta fight for it By Zoe Forward + giveaway

Fated Love -- Gotta fight for it

By Zoe Forward (His Witch To Keep)

I’ll watch or read pretty much anything if it’s got romance in it. There’s nothing more romantic than a fated love. But, only when done right. There can’t be passivity about a cosmic force making forever decisions. A fierce character will try to buck that system. No doubt. They’ve got to want this love, to fight for it and ultimately realize it’s right…it works.

Overall, the idea of a soul-mate, of one someone fated to be yours…the thought nothing could keep this couple apart and when together they click, to me, is utterly romantic.

In His Witch To Keep, our witchy heroine has to find her fated guy. This isn’t optional for her as a Greek goddess descendant with the pressure of passing on her witchy skills. But the Russian assassin and spy who makes her lose her mind whenever in proximity can’t be it. By nature of what he is, a death reaper servant to the underworld god Hades, he doesn’t get a fated-match girl. He gets no long-term…that’s the rule. Both characters are pretty convinced the other is not it…can’t be it for, oh, so many reasons. Yet, they’re drawn to each other on a level that sizzles on the pages.

I can’t tell you if they are meant to be together or if they’ll buck the destined mates rule to make a go of it together. Whether or not they’ll get their happy ending…you’ll just have to read it and see.

His Witch to Keep (Keepers of the Veil #2)
by Zoe Forward
November 9th 2015

by Entangled: CovetA paranormal category romance from Entangled's Covet imprint...

Wanting her was one thing. Keeping her was another...

Serenity Danssaert was already in way over her head. Not even her MI6 training or her powers as one of the seven Pleiades witches is going to save her sister. Then Alexi Jovec shows up. A secret operative working for unknown forces, he's impossibly sexy and dangerous...and the guy who bailed on Serenity after a red-hot, racy night.

So bonding to him as her destined—the One—is so very wrong.

While Alexi’s need to own Serenity—body, soul, and beyond—is nearly unbearable, it's also forbidden. He's the last man who could ever be her destined. Besides, Hades's right-hand man cannot bond with a chosen Pleiades witch. He may be the one man who can protect her, but she can never be his to keep.

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About the Author:
Zoe Forward is a hopeless romantic who can’t decide between paranormal and contemporary romance. So, she writes both. In addition to being a mom to one rambunctious kindergartener and wife to a conservation ecologist who plans to save all the big cats on the planet, she’s a small animal veterinarian caring for all the small furries, although there is the occasional hermit crab.

When she’s not typing at her laptop she’s tying on a karate belt for her son or cleaning up the newest pet mess from the menagerie that occupies her house. She’s madly in love with her globe trotting husband of ten years and happiest when he returns to their home base in North Carolina.


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    I loved it!

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