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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Comic Review: Tomboy from Action Lab Entertainment: Danger Zone

Written by Jon Verall and Mia Goodwin (Princeless)
Art by Mia Goodwin
Nov. 18, 2015
Action Lab: Danger Zone
The death of a childhood friend sparks a series of events that lead Addison from teenage field hockey player to a murderer of criminals. There's no lack of targets for her in a city built on corruption, but payback doesn't come for free. Addison's reality begins to blur in the pursuit of vengeance and justice is used as justification to become a monster.

The stunning first full comic work from Eisner award nominated creator M. Goodwin (Princeless), perfect for fans of Batgirl or Spider-Gwen!

Wow, stunning is exactly what this is. A look at what happens when a young, happy teenage girl’s world suddenly collides with a dark and dangerous one. The comic starts out with Addison cornered on top of a court house, covered in blood, contemplating what happened to her life. We then flashback to Addison’s 16 birthday where we glimpse her perfect life living with her father, the Medical Examiner, and her grandfather, a retired police chief. Then her world comes to a crashing stop when she finds out her best friend has been murdered. Running into the dirty cops that murdered him flips a switch in Addison and releases a monster she didn’t know was hiding in her.

This is a vigilante story starring a 16 year old girl. As with all Action Lab: Danger Zone comics the writing and artwork breath life into Addison. You easily learn to love her and then your heart breaks for her. And you are horrified as you watch her break from reality. The artist did a great job of depicting her transformation. Check out the cover above. I love the way you are reminded of Addison's innocence and what she has become. 

5 “Transforming” Sheep


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