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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Sheep Book Review: Karma Effect by Addison Lockwoo

Karma Effect
by Addison Lockwood
Paranormal Romantic Comedy
Pages: 254
Had Teagan known that she would someday find herself duct taped to an office chair in the middle of the West Virginian woods…maybe she wouldn’t have pushed her childhood babysitter so far. How was she supposed to know the woman was an honest to goodness witch? But still, a twenty year bad luck curse for stealing someone’s identity seemed like a steep punishment for a nine-year-old to pay.

Blake wasn’t sure what to do when he came across the cute little redhead and her dog wandering around on his land. Was it irony that the girl of his dreams would end up in the middle of his woods or was it the fact that Don Carlotta had finally found him and he’d sent her as man bait. Either way…he couldn’t let her go.

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If you are known as a "bad luck penny" and have trouble making lasting friends you may want to reminisce about your childhood. Were you a "handful"? Did you go through babysitters like ice in the desert? Perhaps one of them was a witch and you are now getting your come-uppance. Always question karma when bad luck seems to follow where you lead!

Karma Effect is about a precocious adolescent that met her match in a well meaning "witchy" babysitter that had had enough of her pranks and attitude. Performing a spell on her young charge, the babysitter (although committed for her actions) set in motion the circumstances that follow Teagan through her adult life. Until she meets a man, Blake, with problems of his own and is willing to help her unravel the mystery of her "bad karma"

A fun read with a little romance thrown in, I enjoyed the intro and was even a little surprised when what appeared to be bad luck for Teagan turned out to be more of a protection than curse. There were some tense moments for our main character and her "guy" but when you decide to meet life head-on sometimes that can make all the difference! And maybe, just maybe, the bad luck is not really yours!

Giving 4 sheep.

Jeanie G

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