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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Another Hole in the Head Festival Movie Review: Dead Body (2015)

Dead Body (2015)
85 min
Horror, Mystery, Thriller
2015 (USA)
Directed by Bobbin Ramsey
Writing Credits: Ian Bell Ramon Isao
Nine high school kids celebrate graduation at a secluded home in the wilderness. They fight, philander, and feel nostalgic as they embark on a life away from home, in college. Once the party dies down they play a game: Dead Body. But when one party-goer takes the game too far, actually murdering the other guests one by one, it's up to the group to set aside their tensions, and ferret out the murderer before it's too late.

At first glance this looks like a typical slasher movie. But it isn't. Yeah, there is a killer going around brutally murdering a group of high school graduates who have gone to a cabin in the woods (where there is no cell coverage! *gasp*) to celebrate. But this there is much more to the story and a surprising motive behind killing.

The movie opens with Ilsa running through the woods and trying to hide from our killer. She is finally caught and can't believe who it is. Then it cuts to 12 hours earlier when she arrives at her friend Dominic's cabin to celebrate graduation. It was supposed to be just the two of them and two exchange students who live with Dominic's family. But Ilsa brought along 5 other friends. All the characters are classic slasher fodder stereotypes, but it works in this case. Then the murdering starts. The movie catches up to the opening scene and we find out how things turn out.

The film was surprisingly more terrifying than I thought it would be. The actors really sell it well. Kudos to them all for a great job. The story kept me guessing and questioning what I thought was going on, but I didn't see the classic psycho killer motive coming! 

Overall a great horror/thriller movie and worth a watch. It does have some gruesome scenes that are more disturbing because of the anger behind them than the actual visual.

4.25 "Let's play a game" Sheep


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