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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

52 New Releases in Speculative Fiction for Nov 5

Big week of release goodness!

Favorite covers this week: The Misfortune Cookie, Dance of Blades

A special award for awesomeness: Star Wars Death Star Manual, The Guns of Santa Sangre (Six-guns vs. werewolves in the Old West!)  

This has been your friendly Sheep kindle krack attack!

disclaimer: all these covers are links to our amazon affiliate pages. I Smell Sheep will get a small percentage of all sales through these links as an advertising fee. I Smell Sheep uses the money to pay for sheep s*** and shipping <G>

there are so many books I thought I would give you an intermission to go dig in the couch cushions for more money.


  1. Some definite wishlist material here. I haven't read any of the Laura Resnick, Esther Diamond series, but sure looks fun. Fast Walkers also looks intriguing, as does Magic and Loss and . . . I hear the budget gods getting out their earplugs to protect them from my whining - sigh.

  2. Lots of great books to choose from but I've put myself on a book buying time out until I finish the 4 I have currently on going lol.. loved the intermission too!

  3. Looks like a lot of great books to choose from.

  4. Hmm the intermission is standing still for me, should it be a small movie thingie?
    So many books this week, it is heartbreaking I can't buy or read them all. I just hope my pre-orders arrive soon.

    1. hmmmm... will have to figure out what is wrong with my gif! thanks for letting me know.

    2. Lol that is a fun one. But the sheep could have smiled when s/he was standing up again.