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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Comic Review (ARC): Julie Kagawa's" The Iron King #2

Julie Kagawa's: The Iron King #2 (ARC)
Release date: 10/30
Writer: Julie Kagawa & Sara Gundell
Artist: Lidia Chan
From the New York Times bestselling novel, Meghan Chase's true identity has been revealed. She is the daughter of King Oberon. Half-fey, she is more determined than ever to escape from the Seelie Court to continue her search for her stolen brother, Ethan - even if it means facing off against the handsome and deadly Prince Ash

Meghan meets Queen Tatiana who proceeds to make her life miserable by forcing her to work in the kitchen. She eventually gets rescued by King Oberon and told to dress like the princess she is so she can meet Queen Mab and her son Ash from the Winter Court. The attraction between Ash and Meghan is apparent, but she is focused on finding her brother. At the party there is a Chimera attack and each court accuses the other for the attack. War might be declared against the Winter Court, but Meghan must travel to the Winter Court to find clues about her brother Ethan and the Iron Court.

This issue is just like the first one as far as style and artwork. The story is moving along, but there are still a few gaps in information that I feel like I am supposed to be able to fill in, but I can’t because I haven’t read the books. It hasn’t affected my enjoyment of the story. This is definitely geared towards the younger end of the YA spectrum. 

review: Iron King issue #1

3.5 “Iron” Sheep

Sharon Stogner

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