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Friday, November 15, 2013

Alpha Male Diner: Changeling by Dani Harper

On the menu today: Lone Wolf steeped in Secret Sauce.
TRAVIS WILLIAMSON (quick to tell you he’s no damn werewolf, he prefers the term Changeling)
*Sharon and Katie contemplate what goes into the secret sauce and start giggling uncontrollably because they still act like they are in middle school*

Travis Williamson (Changeling)
recipe by Dani Harper
First Bite (Book One of the Dark Wolf Series)

-Vivid blue eyes – if you could see them behind the dark glasses
-A frown for all occasions
-Unruly blond hair in stark contrast to a black on black wardrobe
-Massive shoulders, ideal for hanging a leather jacket on 
-Predilection for Triumph motorcycles
-Lupine persona - a great golden wolf with a mind of its own

Stir the above together until the following becomes clear:
Antisocial, yet with a strong code of right and wrong
Gruff, impatient, yet kind and will stand up for the underdog

Marinate for decades with a secret that keeps him on the move and away from others of his kind.

NOTE: Dish is self-heating. Add one stubborn dark-haired woman named Geneva and STAND BACK!

(a never before released excerpt

He found her lying on her side, gasping for breath in a tangle of elderberry, its bluish leaves gleaming under the bright night sky.

I really hate you.

It was loud and clear in his brain. Your first words. How sweet.

Get out of my head. You’re not invited.

This is how Changelings communicate as wolves. Get used to it. He picked his way through the bushes to get closer to her – although he was prepared to dodge if she decided to bite him again. Are you okay?

My head hurts. No thanks to you.

Yeah, well my ass hurts. No thanks to you. Actually it didn’t hurt a bit really – shifting forms healed all but the most serious wounds. But he made a mental note not to turn his back on her again. Come on, let’s head down to the lake now. You could probably use a drink.

Only if you have something a lot stronger than water down there. Tell me how to change back.

He stopped when he realized she wasn’t following him. What’s the problem?

I said I want to change back. I want to be human. Tell me how.

Other than sapping most of her energy, there was no real reason she couldn’t do it. Except Travis suspected she’d never Change again. Not voluntarily, and that was a problem. The wolf could be controlled but not denied, and if she suppressed it long enough, eventually it would burst through on its own – and not necessarily at a convenient time. With a mental picture of Neva suddenly shifting to wolf form in the middle of a shopping mall, he made up a bullshit story out of some partial truths.

“You need to move around a bit first, flex and stretch those muscles after what they’ve just been through. If you don’t, it could have a negative effect on your human body.”

She studied his face with skepticism and he was suddenly glad for all the poker games he’d played over the decades. “Your body’s got to have some time to recover too before you go shifting back to human. Not only did you just make your first Change, your injuries have healed up. That takes energy.”

How long do I have to stay like this?

A few hours – three or four at the very least. Later, you won’t need so much time.

The moonlight dappled the forest floor as Travis loped easily through the brush. He could hear Neva behind him, struggling as she tried to run on four feet. Everyone had trouble with that at first – mostly because everyone approached it like a bipedal human. Relax and let your wolf take over.

I’m not letting the damn wolf take over anything.

The determination in her words was underpinned by fear. Travis slowed and waited for her to catch up. He stepped off the trail, allowing her to go ahead.

She showed her teeth at him as she passed. Don’t you even think about sniffing my butt!

Well there goes all my fun for the evening.

Still hungry? Another excerpt is available for sampling on Dani’s website,

About the Author:
Website -FB-Twitter
Dani Harper is a former newspaper editor whose passion for all things supernatural led her to a second career writing paranormal fiction. A longtime resident of the Canadian north and southeastern Alaska, she recently ventured south with her husband, Ron, to rural Washington to be closer to their grown children and to live the country life (Goats and chickens and pugs, oh my!).

At present, Dani writes three paranormal series (Changeling, Grim, and Dark Wolf). Her first novel, Changeling Moon, was a 2012 Rita Award Finalist in the Paranormal category.


  1. Hmmm - I haven't read book one yet. It's on my shelf waiting for me.

  2. Not sure what to see them do, but i love it when they find they're stronger than they think...or their love is stronger than what's thrown at them. Oh, yes, we need a HEA. :)

  3. LOL I loved that last line about the butt sniffing. That's just too funny.

  4. i haven't read this book yet so it difficult to answer perhaps one alpha that come and think to own her or him but i want their hea yes

  5. I'm sorry I've not read this series so I can't answer that question.

  6. I have been sick and couldn't get to the store to buy it yet. I hope I can do it tomorrow. But, I would say Yes get their HEA after they earn it!

  7. I haven't started this series yet, so I don't know yet.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. I would love to see them grow closer together!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. I want Travis and Neva to have more, wild adventures that just strengthen their bond and show how each one needs the other in their life. :)

  10. Thanks for sharing , made me laugh , you are one of my A.G's xxx