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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Top Five Ways Researching Trancehack Probably Landed Me On A Watchlist by Sonya Clark + giveaway

Top Five Ways Researching Trancehack Probably Landed Me On A Watchlist

1) Wikileaks.

Back a few years ago when Wikileaks first made a splash all over the news, I came across a tasty rumor that they were about to dump documents proving the existence of UFOs. After I got through outlining some really fun X-Files fan fiction in my head, I got to thinking about what else secret government documents might be hiding. Since I write paranormal, I asked myself, what if a Wikileaks-type group outed the existence of magic? My imagination ran from there, all the way to a dim future where witches are segregated.

2) Darknet
Some of the witches in the Magic Born world are able to use astral projection to enter cyberspace. Combining that with various plot details - no spoilers! - I needed to come up with a secret way witches in different cities could communicate. A sort of Wild West lawless and untamed part of the internet. Somewhere I came across articles about the darknet (also known as the deep web and other names), which is a real thing. It’s a place where dissidents and journalists communicate. Also criminals and paranoid conspiracy theorists, but whatevs. *cringe*

3) Tor
Not the publisher. No, this Tor is open source encryption software that allows you to surf the net in anonymity. That includes visiting those Wild, Wild West parts of the world wide web populated by political dissidents, shady criminals, and their fellow travelers. Even if I didn’t go into great detail of how the Magic Born built their darknet communications network, I needed to know how it might work.

In the Magic Born world there’s a drug called nightshade that is a blend of the ancient flying ointments used by witches and the more modern MDMA, or ecstasy. I researched entheogens, psychedelic drugs used in a spiritual context, and club drugs like ecstasy, to decide what the usage and effects of nightshade would be. Combine that with my searches related to the darknet, and bingo - my name probably flashed on some watchlist yet again. Recently a hidden site called the Silk Road was brought down by the FBI for selling drugs online as easily as buying books on Amazon. 

5) Tahmoh Penikett
Despite all those Google image searches, I swear I’m not stalking him. He just happens to be what Nate Perez looks like. I promise, that’s all!

Title: TRANCEHACK Author: Sonya Clark 
Series: Magic Born, Book 1 
Publisher: Carina Press 
Publication date: October 28, 2013 
Genre: Futuristic Paranormal Romance 
It’s 2065. Those born with magic abilities live in government-run zones, without rights or freedoms. Fear of magic created this segregated world and fear keeps it intact.

A high-profile murder brings Detective Nathan Perez to Magic Born Zone 13. He’s had little experience with the Magic Born and isn’t sure what to expect during his first encounter with a witch, but he never thought he’d be so drawn to her.

Trancehacker Calla Vesper uses magic to break into computers and aid the Magic Born underground. She has no interest in helping a cop, even if he is smoking-hot, but money’s tight and Nate offers a tidy amount for help navigating the Zone. Calla’s determined to keep it all business, but sparks start flying before the investigation even gets started.

When Calla’s trancehacking and Nathan’s investigation uncover a conspiracy, Calla becomes a target. Nate can protect her by keeping her role a secret—but then who will protect Nate? 
Available in digital format from Carina PressAmazonBarnes & Noble, and other online book retailers.

About the author:
Sonya Clark grew up a military brat and now lives in Tennessee with her husband and daughter. She writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance with a heavy helping of magic and lots of music for inspiration.
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  1. Sounds like a fansinating premense. I love new takes on paranormal stories.
    j-coverholser at sbcglobal dot net

  2. I find the different forms of magic that authors comes up with interesting. I find earth based magic most interesting because of the strength that can be found in nature.

  3. I like the magic in Kelly Meding's MetaWars series. It's kinda Xmenish. Their powers range all across the board. They had lost their powers inexplicably and suddenly got them back but they are different and more powerful.

  4. I thought the abilities used in Carolyn Crane's Disillusionist trilogy were pretty unique.

  5. The witches in Rebecca Zanetti's series The Dark Protectors use plasma balls and some other very interesting magic.

  6. I have found that some witches has an affinity with a particular element. I think that is neat.

  7. In The BDB series, Xhex can sense people's emotions and control them. Kind of interesting...