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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Smell Aliens- Interview

Voodoo Bride and I recently got the chance to sit down and chat with the ladies of Alien In The Family created by our friend & fabulous author Gini Koch. It's a girl party complete with pillow fights and jell-o wrestlin- oh wait was that top-secret? ;) Men please do NOT be shy, we only bite a little.

***This is a cross-over interview so make sure to pay close attention on how to win signed books AND some cute furry Poofs! We hope you enjoy.....

Arizona Desert. Close to Area 51. 2 Ac's, 2 Humans and 1 Voodoo Bride meet.

Katie: This question is for Kitty, I am very curious to know what it's like to have all these hottie AC's panting all over you? Must be a MAJOR ego boost! lol So dish woman! And spare no details. *evil laugh*
Kitty: Um, I have, in reality, only one A-C hottie panting over me, and that’s Martini. Christopher and I are not an item, and, frankly, the fallout from him being interested was much harder than any of the small amount of sexy time we had was worth. The only other guy actually making with the pant right now is Chuckie, and he’s a human. So, I’m not seeing any “all” in terms of A-C hotties. I have one. Sure, he’s the BEST one, but I make no apologies for that.

Frankly, being around the Dazzlers is all the ego control any girl needs. Any time the ol’ ego has the slightest risk of going above average, I just have to look at one of the many female A-Cs who are all far more drop dead gorgeous than me, and who are all, also, a lot more advanced in math, science and medicine than I am or will ever be. Beauty and brains, and they’re the nicest gals on the planet, so my ego has nowhere to go but hide in a corner and remind itself that I’m in charge of Airborne and sleep with Martini, which is, admittedly, a nice consolation prize.
Katie: Oh yes it is. You both make a great pair btw. It just seemed to me that among the AC men, and maybe humans too, that they all want to I dunno “play with Kitty”. But you really are a fun and witty gal so I can see why.
Kitty: I don’t see it, honestly. I mean, anyone who thinks Michael Gower was interested in me for real is crazy. Michael’s the Player. He’s interested in any female between the ages of 18 and 108. Michael was no more interested in me in a real way than he’s interested in having his brains burned out with a hot poker through his ears. Brian was in love with his memories of me, not the real me. Reader’s gay and no matter how often I suggest it, he and Gower just don’t seem able to go bi and include me in the marriage. That leaves, by my count, Martini and Chuckie. One A-C, one human. I don’t feel like that says, “Hottest Girl in the Room” to anyone.

Voodoo Bride: Lorraine and Claudia, why is it that so many AC women seem to think human men are more intelligent than AC men? I mean: Christopher sure does seem very intelligent to me.
Lorraine: Well, it’s the brain capacity. Human men, especially your rocket scientists and physicists --
Claudia: And engineers, don’t forget the engineers! And chemists.
Lorraine: Right. Anyway, pretty much, humans have a larger brain capacity than A-Cs do. Not by much, at least as far as we’ve been able to determine so far.
Claudia: A-Cs use more of their brains, on average. But humans, having more capacity, have the ability to outthink us. And it’s just so dreamy when they do.
Lorraine: I agree. As far as Christopher, well, he’s not a total moron, but…
Claudia: But he’s almost as dense as Jeff. Neither one of them has the least grasp of physics, for example, let alone the grasp of the obvious.
Lorraine: You know it. They’re sweet, in their way, but give me a human man, every time.
Claudia: Amen sister!

Katie: Lorraine and Claudia, In addition to being some of the most brilliant minds on Earth [no offense Kitty], where did you get your medical training from?
Claudia: We’re trained within our own culture. We have our own schools, and those of us with scientific, medical, and mathematical aptitudes go on for expanded degrees.
Lorraine: Claudia’s a great doctor, but you should see her get going on the higher level sciences and mathematical theories.
Claudia: I’m blushing. Frankly, there’s no one better with medicines than Lorraine, but she’s no slouch in the physics department, either.
Kitty: I can sprint, hurdle, and do some Kung Fu. Just sayin’.

Katie: Claudia and Lorraine you two are so supportive of each other and that’s such a great thing! Have you always been this close?
Claudia: Yep, pretty much. Our moms are best friends, so it’s sort of natural. I can just remember when Lorraine was born. I was only about two, but they let me hold her. I knew I was holding my ‘baby sister’ and best friend all in one.
Lorraine: Oh yeah. Claudia’s the best. We’re different, but that’s great. We don’t fight, we don’t go after the same guys, we compete, but only so we can help each other achieve even more. I can’t imagine not having her ‘right there’.
Claudia: We laugh at the same things.
Lorraine: Usually Jeff and Christopher.
Claudia: ‘Cause they make it so easy.
Lorraine: So true!

Voodoo Bride: Do you all have favorite hang out spots outside of AC territory? Favorite shops?
Lorraine: Shops?
Claudia: What would we shop for? The Operations Team supplies everything we need.
*Voodoo Bride faints*
Kitty: I’m working on it, Voodoo, but it’s taking some time to get the whole idea that there’s colors other than black and white or designers other than Armani through to them.
Lorraine: I don’t see any reason to stop wearing Armani.
Claudia: Ever.
Kitty: See what I mean?
*Voodoo Bride shakes head* I do not envy you at all Kitty. It must be terrible to have no one to go shopping with.
Kitty: I make Martini go shopping with me. Or Reader. So it works out.

Katie: Lorraine and Claudia, do either of you look forward to going back to Alpha Four for visits?
Lorraine: Not really.
Claudia: They can’t be bothered to really help us, they treat us like second class citizens, if that. I’m not in a rush.
Lorraine: It’s better now that Alexander’s on the throne.
Claudia: Yeah, but I’m happy here, on Earth.
Lorraine: Me too.
Kitty: I’d be willing.
Lorraine: You just want to kick butt over there again.
Kitty: True…true…

Voodoo Bride: Lorraine and Claudia, Are there zombies in your part of the galaxy? *mutters* What? I didn’t write that question. Stupid McPig. *grumbles*
Lorraine: Zombies? Uh, no.
Claudia: And our part of the galaxy is the same as your part of the galaxy. We live on Earth. *aside to Kitty* You sure they’ve read the books?
Kitty: Reasonably sure. And, Voodoo, let Sully know that there may be some happiness for him coming up. Per The Creator, at any rate.
Voodoo Bride: My apologies for this question. I will kick Sullivan. And once he talks about zombies his brain goes out of the window, hence the mistake about ‘your part of the galaxy‘. It’s a zombie thing I’m told.
Lorraine: Oh, we forgive YOU, Voodoo.
Claudia: Not a total surprise it was the male half of your duo who made the mistake.
Kitty: I think Sully’s cute.
Lorraine: You know, I think I’ve just realized something.
Claudia: Me, too.
Kitty: What?
Lorraine: You like the beautiful but dumb ones.
Kitty: I do not!
Claudia: You chose Jeff over Chuck.
Kitty: Not only based on looks!
Lorraine: Uh huh.
Kitty: Geez. Next question, please?

Katie: What do you all hope the future will hold for AC's and humans?
Claudia: Interspecies marriage.
Lorraine: World peace.
Kitty: Solving the A-C’s allergy to alcohol so I can occasionally have a drink. What? It’d be nice, is all I’m saying.
Katie: I am with Kitty on that one. And I will be the first to buy rounds once that day arrives!
Kitty: High fives all around!

Voodoo Bride: I’ve learned something about how AC’s handle weddings and I was wondering: Are there special AC Holidays (like Christmas for humans) that we might learn about in future books?
Claudia: We celebrate Arrival Day, which commemorates when our people first arrived on Earth and were allowed political asylum by the United States.
Lorraine: Most of our other holidays are religious and unless you’re a part of our religion, we don’t discuss them with you.
Kitty: I don’t even know most of them.
Claudia: Yet.
Lorraine: Yeah, you’ll find out some more soon, I think.
Kitty: Can’t wait.

Katie: Kitty this one's for you, if you were able to put together a Rock Band with anyone who all would be in the band and what instruments would they play?
Kitty: The band would be Aerosmith, as is, and they would play all the instruments they play now. Only I would get to be backup singer and go on tour with the band and also be at every recording session they ever did, and also get to be Stephen Tyler’s assistant on ‘American Idol’.
Katie: lol Aerosmith Rocks. Period.
Kitty: As I said.
Voodoo Bride: And if we exclude Aerosmith then who would be in it? ;-)
Kitty: Oh. Damn. Okay. Well, um…I got nothin’…

Voodoo Bride: Lorraine and Claudia, what’s your absolute favourite thing about Earth?
Lorraine: The men.
Claudia: I agree. Pilots especially.
Lorraine: And Stephen Hawking.
Claudia: That went without saying.
Lorraine: True.

Katie & Voodoo Bride: Possible wedding bells for either of you two AC's and your men?
Lorraine: Yes, since all worked out for Jeff and Kitty.
Claudia: Thankfully.
Kitty: Tell me about it.
Katie: Yay! Can’t wait!

Katie: And now ladies it's time to do some RAPID FIRE QUESTIONS:

Kitty: Lorraine and Claudia bowed out of these, because they have almost no idea of what either Katie or Voodoo Bride are asking about. I, on the other hand, has this section down.

Katie: Top or Bottom
Kitty: Shower
Katie: lol I should have known...

Voodoo Bride: Movie or Book
Kitty: Both, depending on mood. And time. And whether or not a fugly’s on the loose.

Katie: South Park or Simpson's
Kitty: Batman, any cartoon incarnation

Voodoo Bride: Galaxy Quest or Men in Black
Kitty: Both

Katie: David Copperfield or Cris Angel
Kitty: Cris Angel ALL THE WAY

Voodoo Bride: Tyler or Martini
Kitty: Oh. Um. Uh. I’d better be smart and say Martini. But it’s a close call.

Katie: Ducks or Chickens
Kitty: Geese

Voodoo Bride: Chocolate or Fudge
Kitty: Both

Katie: Darth Maul or Scorpius
Kitty: Magneto
Katie: You’re speaking to my heart Kitty. Just saying. Jeff. Watch. Out. lol

Voodoo Bride: Zombies or Fuglies
Kitty: Fuglies

Katie: Night in or Night out
Kitty: I live with Jeff Martini. Night IN.

Voodoo Bride: Crazy or Pink
Kitty: Oh, man. Love BOTH of them. Love in an Elevator, though, has to be #1.

Katie: Thank you to Kitty, Lorraine and Claudia for taking the time to sit down and chat with Voodoo Bride and myself. We love you gals and are looking forward to reading about all the adventures you have coming up!

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