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Friday, May 6, 2011

Thor, I need a horse!

Thor, directed by Kenneth Branagh and staring Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman, and Tom Hiddleston, is so visually breathtaking you don't need the 3D glasses. Save your money and catch the regular showing, especially if you're on a budget. Thor and Marvel deliver an action packed movie with a dramatic storyline that has an extremely Shakespearean feel.

Exiled to Earth after his arrogance fans the flames of an ancient conflict, The Mighty Thor (Chris Hemsworth) of Asgard discovers the meaning of humility when a powerful old foe dispatches a destructive force to crush humanity. Only when the banished prince has defeated an opponent capable of crushing him in battle will he learn what it takes to be a true leader.

I'm a Marvel gal through and through, to the point where I bleed Marvel. Ok maybe not that extreme, but if I could I definitely would. That being said Marvel did NOT disappoint me in bringing the mighty Norse gods to life in Thor. The mythic cites of Asgard were mixed in with a well written script and overall beautiful acting which left me immensely pleased with this film. But really how can you go wrong with having a home run king like Hopkins? You can't! The secondary characters were extremely exciting to watch as well, and everyone carried their weight in this film. Truly there were no small parts, only small actors.

Our protagonist is a complex super hero with a LOT of growing up to do. Thor finds himself cast away to Earth where the humorous dialog kicks in. Quite a few funny lines take place between characters that will have you laughing out loud. You can also expect to see some previous faces from Iron Man as we gear up for The Avengers (fangirl squeal) coming up next year. A few shoddy editing choices in parts of the film made it a tad frustrating here and there, but nothing was outrageously wrong.

I do have a tiny bone to pick with Jane's character and her depiction in the film. Without geeking out too much I would like to point out a few things that were amiss about her character. The comic tells us this about Jane:

"Jane Nelson, shortly known by her more common name of Jane Foster, was a nurse for Dr. Donald Blake, eventually developing feelings for him, not knowing that Blake and Thor were one and the same. The love triangle went on for a while, until Thor revealed his secret identity to Jane, and in return even took her to Asgard with him"

Things continue quite a bit from there but I wanted to point out you won't be seeing her love triangle develop as much in the film. I get that it's very hard to condense a whole series into a 2 hour movie, but I had hoped Jane's character could have been fleshed out a little better. Portman did a great job acting the part, but the whole character of Jane was off. Again, this me nitpicking at the movie only because I love Marvel and this story so much. Moving on from the fangirl technicalities, everyone should definitely go out and see this film because it will entertain you nonstop. Hemsworth is finger-lickin'-good on screen. A few more shirtless scenes for ladies would have been nice but to be fair Portman didn't take her top off once so..... There are plenty of cameos you won't want to miss and a hidden extra scene that shows after the credits roll.

X-Men First Class is coming up next followed by Captain America, it's a summer of fun for Marvel fans!

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  1. Sounds awesome, I definitely will have to check the movie out at some point.

  2. Great write up! I just got back from watching it. Awesome movie :)

  3. @Elliot thanks! I enjoyed it too..looking forward to seeing the whole gang in Avengers next year! Woot!

  4. Yes! I agree with you on every thing :) I saw this on Sunday (Mothers Day in the US) with my 8 & 10 year old. It was my mothers day gift from them to me even though my son is a die hard marvel fan like myself and we would have seen this no matter what.

    Unfortunately, I missed that extra scene (which I knew was coming) because of typical mom stuff. My 10 year old son disappeared after using the bathroom while I was with my 8 year old daughter in the ladies and I had to search frantically for him in the AMC. The whole time I was loosing my mind, my daughter complained we should just leave him (they do not have the best relationship). We finally found him at the poster for X men First Class which was on the other side of the theater. By then the credits were finished on Thor and I missed it. I was more than happy just to find my son but would any one tell me what I missed?

  5. @Chrystal ***SPOILER***
    We see Dr. Selvig (Stellan SkarsgÄrd) meeting with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), who is standing in front of a table with a large metal case on it.
    They discuss the latest discoveries that Selvig and his team have made in relation to alternate universes and Fury asks for his advice in regards to the contents of the case: the Tesseract/Cosmic Cube. When Selvig asks what is it, Fury responds that it is a source of immense power. The camera pans back to Selvig, and a reflection reveals that Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is in fact now possessing Selvig.
    Loki/Selvig responds: ”Well, I guess that’s worth a look…”

  6. Thor is HOTT! I want to eat that man alive. Great review!

  7. I want to see this! I'm hoping to wrangle the troops out tonight ;)

  8. @Katie Dalton
    Thank you so much! Wow, they really know how to set up plots for later. Well, its only one month until Captain America comes out... I will be anxiously waiting for more on the Avengers :) thank you again