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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Navarro's Promise, Bad Touch song taken to heart

Navarro's Promise, by author Lora Leigh, is the 24th novel in her ongoing Breeds series. This book could be summed up as sex, sex, and more sex. Was there a storyline or a plot in here at all? Because if there was I totally missed it. The raging sex encompassed the whole book to the point I thought I was going into heat reading this thing. lol Wow! I like some nice details but this was a bit too much for me. It may be tagged as PNR but most definitely is an Erotica novel.

The breed guaranteed Mica no harm would come to her, but they never allowed for her sensual fascination with Navarro or his unstoppable need to claim her as his mate in both body and soul. All her life Micah has grown up with the Breeds and fantasized about Navarro Blaine. They haven’t spent much time together, but they’re thrown into proximity when her life is suddenly in danger. Now the two of them can no longer deny their attraction, but what will happen when Micah tries to resist the mating process? Will they find happiness, or will stubborn pride get in the way?

I would like to know who the heck proofread and edited this book?! It was missing a coherent plot, and actual pages are missing from the ending. I hate to spoil this for anyone and if you would like to read the book for yourself please stop reading now, but I've got to talk about these details. Mica and Navarro are the main characters in this latest book but I had no idea why they were fighting each other and none of their issues even got resolved by the end. The main focus of the story was sex. The rest of the pages were kinda just thrown in the air and arranged as they landed, serving as mere breathers between sex scenes.

The book opens well with Mica almost being killed and Navarro coming to her rescue. Severely battered and bruised Mica is horribly shaken but ends up making out with him not less then an hour later. Okay...well I got past that to the next big scene. A madman breaks out of his "secure" cell and tackles her, but why? The book never said why he picked her. Again this story completely ignores that character have reasons for their actions rather than just doing whatever because the plot told them so. Anyway, I continue on with the book and the humping starts. And the humping goes on and on until the very end with little to no transition. Seriously, one second she is making out with Navarro in the medical bay hallway and the next she is in her bed. Literally the jump was like that. *snaps fingers* As far as I know, he can't teleport. There was no transition, nothing saying they walked home, no time travel or hopping into a golf cart. Nothing. Then all of a sudden the same madman gets out of his cell again and is lurking about in her room. What?! Where the heck did he come from? What the hell is going on? So confusing.

Leigh is a great writer and I don't want her to be judged by this book alone. Something went really wrong here and I hope it wasn't her fault that this book lacked a plot, motivation, or anything resembling common sense. Editors need to do a much better job than this. It's important to check your books over and over before you send them out for people to buy. I would really like a free coupon for another book at this point but I know that may not happen.

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  1. HAHA I love the ending. A good song but sounds like the book didn't work well. I may wait on this one, but a very honest review.