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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Watch Thor (from a romance reader’s POV)

There are literally tons of reviews out there on the net examining the plot of Thor and approach it differently. Some talk about how the film compares to the comic book version, commentary on the special effects (blows raspberry at all that gobbley goo). I personally have never read a Thor comic book and probably never will, but…. this was how I processed the movie:

  1. mouth gaped open
  2. eyes rolled back in head
  3. “thunk!” (me hitting floor)
  4. :shuddering:

Thor was an absolute visual delight, and the movie wasn’t too bad either . I went into this movie with no expectations other than to be entertained, and I definitely was. So without further ado…

Sharon S.’s Top 10 reasons you, the romance/alpha male lover, should go see this with your Nerdy boyfriend.

10. Thor totally rocks the red cape!

9. The Ice Giants are spectacular villains and kind of sexy in an evil demon sort of way.

8. Eggs have never been so appealing.

7. A totally kick-ass giant shiny robot that shoots fire from its face!

6. Squeeee! worthy facial expressions out of Thor.

5. Heimdall, the kick-ass Golden Gate Keeper with amber eyes.

4. Thor covered in mud (see picture above).

3. Xena, Robin Hood and Jackie Chan as best friends.

2. Learning how to defeat the God of Thunder, Son of Odin. (You'll be shocked with the truth).

1. Thor’s Big Ass Hammer, Mjöllnir!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Thor, and I can’t wait to see the sequel and I hope Jane gets to get a piece of Thunder God in the next one ;)

4 Sheep!

SS (obviously edited by Ben (a guy), cause I didn’t remember the name of Thor’s hammer and any way, I wasn’t talking about the *actual hammer Ben, duh! ;)


  1. I loved the Xena references too. I think some of my popcorn shot out of my mouth at that part. lol

    Glad you liked that movie, really imo the best Marvel film to date. :)

  2. OMG, I just noticed, I didn't attach my cute little sheep at the bottom! I will go repent and say 10 Hail Mary Had a little lambs .

  3. It was a pretty good movie. It's pretty hard to bring a character steeped in mythology to life in a modern world, but it was a pretty good flick.

  4. I agree AND he can take his shirt off for us any time he pleases!

    *high fives Sharon* :)

  5. "We drank, we fought; he made his ancestors proud."

    I loved the movie, too. I could watch it without sound, Thor was so hot!

  6. Hahahaha! Loved the review. I can't wait to go see this. It's playing down at the drive-ins so maybe I'll put it on my weekend to-do list :) Leave it to ben to not understand that it wasn't the actual hammer we're all talking about. hehe ;)

  7. EXACTLY!!!! We just went to see it tonight and all I could think was "damn! If *I* hit a homeless guy in the desert it would be a shuffly homeless guy who smelled like alcohol and probably killed people. *she* hits one and he;s a Norse god with a giant 'hammer'(heh-heh) some People have all the luck!" Awesome, awesome movie! :D

  8. Love how you "processed" the movie! Heck, that's how I processed the trailer! All I wanted to know was WHO. IS. THAT. and how do I see more?