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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Winning for All!

I Smell Sheep is having a month of Winning! Lots of interviews are coming up and LOTS of cool prizes set up for you to win. So spread the word across the interwebs and make sure to come back and enter all the fun contests! No limit on how much you can win. :)

Here's a lineup of our exciting interviews:

May 8th- Interview with Linda Dalton, my Mom (for Mothers Day) and author of the children's story/cookbook Granny Muffin.
For this interview we'll be giving away a 10$ Barnes and Noble gift card to one lucky person who leaves a comment.

May 9th- Interview with Matt Mogk, author of That's Not Your Mommy Anymore: A Zombie Tale.
Matt will be giving away a copy of his book to one lucky commenter, in addition we will be giving a brain lollipop and zombie breath mints, plus some fun sheep stuff including sheep pencils and bookmarks.

May 16th- Interview with Amber Scott, author of Fierce Dawn.
Two winners will be chosen in this contest. The first winner will have their choice of either a signed paperback of Fierce Dawn or an e-book. The one not chosen will go the second winner. In addition Amber will throw in a HOT Club iron-on emblem. PLUS for the main winner will be getting a BUNCH of spa items: hand lotion, make up bag, nail polish, face masks, rose petal-shaped bath soap AND a pair of silver "wing" earrings! And more? Maybe....

May 19th- Interview with Gini Koch, author of Alien in the Family.
This will be a tag-team interview with us and our good friends over at Pearls Cast Before a McPig.
Two winners will be chosen for this contest. One winner will get a signed book of the winner's choice from Gini's book list, AND two Beastie-Poofs. Two more of these cute little poofs will go as a second-place prize to the additional winner!

May 24th- Interview with Mario Escobar director of X-Band Transmissions a Paranormal Documentary
One winner will be chosen and will receive 2 Passes to the SF debut show, and a starter's deck of Tarot cards, incense and 2 fun plastic massacred masks.

May 30th- Interview with Wayne Simmons, author of FLU.
Wayne will be giving away a copy of FLU to one winner, and we will be adding a brain lollipop, gummy candy slugs and zombie breath mints plus some fun sheep stuff including sheep pencils and bookmarks.

***Mark your calendars and let the May Winning begin! As an added bonus, followers of our blog will double their chances to win. :)