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Friday, May 27, 2011

Play Fling by author Amber Scott

***A double review from Amber C. and myself. Make sure to leave a comment to receive a free copy of Play Fling for yourself and one for a troop! Include Email Address.***

Cupid, baby, draw back your bow and aim this

When I found out that Amber Scott's Play Fling was a vamp-free zone, I became a little disappointed. Love those bloodsucking immortals! So, with my hopes not all that high at the start, it ended up being a pleasant surprise to be blown away by how much fun this book actually was.

The story was well written and its pages contained an entertaining variety of characters: a newly divorced single woman, a sexy male bookworm/nerd who is smoking hott, a misguided friend who keeps butting in and making situations worse, meddling in-laws, in-the-closet-lovers, pheromone pumping sex on a plate Cupid (sorry dwhyte, inside joke), and a girl who just cant take NO for an answer. Sounds like fun right? It is.

I'm by no means turning in my vamp card for sexy cupids and FannyPack-wearing nerds, but hubba hubba - they come a close second. Is it just me, or are pocket protectors frelin hot?
*Amber C. shakes her head at me* No? Just me? Oh well, I think this book is sex-on-a-stick and I'm not ashamed to admit it! Altogether, I really enjoyed this story; it was a delightful change of pace for me. I DEFINITELY recommend that everyone check this one out. Hopefully, Amber Scott will continue this series...

Play Fling gets 4 very happy sheep from me. :)

I had mixed feelings towards this book. I love a fun quirky romance as much as the next girl, and I especially love when the romance has unexpected twists. And this book definitely delivered both for me. However, I have to admit to feeling so frustrated with some of the characters that I wanted to hit something, namely Millie the Cupid. lol.

One aspect that I loved was that there was a hot, young guy smitten with a sexy, confident, older woman. If you’re going be single and in your thirties, there’s nothing better than being a smoking hot cougar. Seriously, this is every woman’s dream. And if hooking up with said hottie ups your chances of getting a better score in your class, that's even better. lol.

Amber Scott really makes the reader feel what the characters feel. From the embarrassed, but completely flattering feelings Brooke has when Elliot pursues her, to the butterflies and eager excitement when he realizes Brooke might like him -- the author completely draws you in. It felt like I was living the story with them and I loved that fact throughout the entire story; the passion between those two never failed to deliver.

However, what turned me off about this book was Millie. I know that she is a character in the story that added to the depth and mystery, and saved it from being just another romance novel, but that girl frustrated me to no end. I recognize that my feelings of frustration with her are due to Scott's excellent writing but I'm not sure it was my cup of tea. Throughout the entire book I wanted to yell at Millie to stop being selfish, pull her head out of her ass and see what’s really happening! I also appreciated AJ, who was Millie's only saving grace, but he also left me feeling confused. The chemistry between Millie and AJ was there, but neither of them ever acted upon it and that left me hanging. When I reached the end of the book I was stoked that the predictable happened, because I am one of those girls who loves a Hollywood ending, but I was left thinking, “Huh? What about Millie and AJ?”

After everything was said and done, this book left me unsettled. I couldn’t stop thinking about Millie and AJ, or all the drama that Millie caused, while still feeling happy for Brooke and Elliot. It felt like a hot shower and a relaxing cup of tea was the only way to calm myself from all the emotions running through me after reading this book. I have to give props to Amber Scott for having the ability to create these emotions in me, even when they aren't what I normally look for in a book.

3 Sheep



  1. when a story can cause these type of emotions, then that is a sign of a good writer. Great review girls!

  2. Oooh! It's out of my usual zone, but I'd love to give Amber a go! : )

  3. I like to read a fun little sexy story in between all those vamps,demon,and shapeshifters. Amber's book sounds good.
    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

  4. I'm with all of you ladies on this one. Outside of my normal vamps but I really liked this book a ton. Sexy nerds? Winning! :) Enjoy!

  5. Sorry Katie! It occured to me today that I forgot to add my email addy *slaps forehead*
    Is it too late?

  6. I'm not sure....let me send your info over to Amber. :)