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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rogue Oracle, crime fantasy fun!

Rogue Oracle, by author Alayna Williams, is the second book her UF series. While I didn't get a chance to read book one, Dark Oracle, I didn't feel lost in any areas; this book did a really great job as a stand alone. Outside of my usual PNR I was a bit leery about trying something new as I have often been let down in the past. Fortunately, this book contained a really intriguing story that held me until the climatic end. :)


Tara Sheridan is the best criminal profiler around—and the most unconventional. Trained as a forensic psychologist, Tara also specializes in Tarot card reading. But Tara doesn’t need her divination skills to realize that the new assignment from her friend and sometime lover, Agent Harry Li, is a dangerous proposition in every way.

Former Cold War operatives, all linked to a top-secret operation tracking the disposal of nuclear weapons in Russia, are disappearing. There are no bodies and no clues to their whereabouts. Harry suspects a conspiracy to sell arms to the highest bidder. The cards—and Tara’s increasingly ominous dreams—suggest something darker. Even as Tara sorts through her feelings for Harry and her fractured relationship with the mysterious order known as Delphi’s Daughters, a killer is growing more ruthless by the day. Soon, a nightmare that began decades ago in Chernobyl will reach a terrifying endgame that not even Tara could have foreseen. . . .

Throughout Rogue Oracle, Tara is dealing with emotional and physical scars from her previous case which almost ended her life. Left torn and battered, she takes a much need break, but her lover boy Harry steps back into her life in dire need of her help. She can't refuse, and frankly neither could I. Harry is quiet strength wrapped up in power and sex appeal, throw this sexy agent in a suit and call it a day. The sparks between Harry and Tara are incredibly tangible, combined with her painful past and a killer on the loose the sexual tension rises dramatically.

The storyline itself is amazing; all the nuclear events revolve around Chernobyl, making this book feel very present. If you like murder and mystery wrapped up in an UF package you will REALLY enjoy this story. Just a few downsides for me first being, not enough sex. lol. Hey, I like my sex and I'm not ashamed to admit it! With all the sexual tension I wanted more details and felt a tad ripped off when I couldn't get the play by play. And the tarot cards, I get that Tara is an Oracle AND I get that the cards are her "power" BUT too much time was dedicated to going over each card and what they meant throughout the entire story. One or two times is fine by me but the repetitive explanations of the cards got to me a bit.

Aside from the things I mentioned, this was a really good story, you do get completely sucked into the plot. If I had to put into words, the story feels a lot like if CSI/NCIS met Charmed on the set of Bones. :)

Getting 4 Kahuna Sheep.



  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review ROGUE ORACLE! I'm so happy that you enjoyed it! :-)

  2. I liked it a lot Alayna. :) Sorry if you didn't see this post till today..blogspot was having issues and I had to repost the past few days. grrrr.

    Looking forward to more books! :)

  3. Thanks, Katie! I was out of town - thank you so much for the tweet!