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Monday, May 23, 2011

Super-Con Big WOW!-Prize giveaway!

Super-Con Big WOW! was a grand affair that I attended over the weekend. Of course I had to take my BFF & Cameraman Mike with me. Together we canvassed the Con to bring you all the latest and greatest swag we could find. We talked with many of the artists and authors from the Bay Area and across the globe. This is your opportunity to find out about some great local talent you may not normally have known. AND if you are still a comic virgin, now's the time to pop that cherry! I have two prize packs below so pay close attention to the details.

Super-Con Prize pack-1 [US Only]
Won and Phil: Hip-Hop Heros- 3 signed comics by the author/artist Adrian "Age" Scott set also includes a music CD.
Marvel Comics- 3 signed comics by artist Rich Koslowski
Hero Comic- signed by cover artists and supports Hero Initiative
National Security State- 2 comics signed by the author/artist Dr. Josh Barone
Captain America, The Hulk, Wolverine Pez dispensers
Spiderman washcloth (web free)
Marvel Hero's Bandaids
I [bloody heart] Dexter bumper-sticker
Tons of Bookmarks
Marvel Tote bag-big enough to carry around your daily reading addictions and then some!

Super-Con Prize Pack-2 [US and International]
Green Lantern- Comic
Brightest Day: Green Arrow-Comic
Green Lantern- black ring
+ Sheep swag items

How do I win?
In the comments below please make sure to list WHICH prize pack you are entering for.

Your Email Address

And answer me this question: Which item are you most excited about?

Contest ends May 28th at Midnight!
Good luck!


  1. Holy Crap on a Cracker! What great prizes.

  2. Oh! I love comics. Can I enter for both? If not, I pick #1. I'm most excited about the Marvel tote.

  3. Prize pack #1, and the Marvel comics are the best. My family loves Marvel!

  4. I am quite simply bursting at the seams with Fan-boy joy about those signed marvel comics. I unfortunately cannot make out the exact comics due to my current restriction to devices of the mobile variety, but I see hellcat and possibly the scarlet witch and that's damn sure good enough for me. The many other items in this pack seem to also be of exceptional magnificence but alas, my dreams are stricken by the mighty hammer of Thor back to whence they came before they even begin to nurse forth from my mighty lobes. Tis US only, and I with the devils luck am trapped beyond the mighty Atlantic.

    With my dreams of treasures from another land thoroughly smashed I shall turn my sights to the slightly less hefty yet still mighty appealing second package. As a loyal and lifelong marvel fan my encounters with the exotic items displayed here have been few and far between. Recently however I have been stricken by a strange affliction with a strange affliction to turn to the other side, become 'comically bi-curious' if you will, and I am quite curious as to the contents of the Green Lantern comic in yonder image. With your help my friend this dream could come to fruition, and I could shortly be devouring these tomes of lantern and ring. If my name is chosen to receive these exquisite prizes then you shall forever have a friend across the sea, and a place of refuge should you ever need it, in the form of my old tool shed.

    I would be delighted to be considered to receive package two, but if by some slim chance you would be willing to make some arrangements for transatlantic transport (for which I would gladly cross your palms with silver), then it would make me the happiest being under this fair yellow sun.

    I must now thank you for your consideration and bid you adieu as I am needed elsewhere.

    My email address:

  5. @FirstPrime you have stolen my yank heart. ;) It is a "random" drawing so be aware of that. IF you do happen to win I'm sure we might be able to work something out. Thank you soooo much for the lovely comment, it made my week. xoxoxo Stay tuned....

  6. Hmmm, firstprime has pretty much made anything I'll say inadequate >_<

    I'd love to get prize pack #1 since Marvel comics are what I used to buy when I had a paper-route when I was in grade school. And I WANT that Wolverine pez dispenser.... combining one of my favorite candies with one of my favorite all time characters... GENIUS!

  7. #1. Though I love comics I'm a bag whore at heart so I'm most excited about the Marvel tote.
    teawench at gmail dot com

  8. Prize pack #1 please. I have to admit, I Really want the Dexter bumper sticker. It would look so nice on my laptop.

    (Of course the tote would be awsome too, and my hubby would love the many great prizes. Thank you!)

  9. Prize pack #1 please. I have to admit, I Really want the Dexter bumper sticker. It would look so nice on my laptop.

    (Of course the tote would be awsome too, and my hubby would love the many great prizes. Thank you!

    Juli Hoffman

  10. @Katie: Then I shall pray to the gods of Olympus in hopes that lady luck may smile upon me. :)

  11. Wow. Awesome price packages. "Choosing" #2. Most excited about the comic I must say. Sth original and not translated from the newsstand. Yay. If I look at both packages I'm most excited about the Dexter-Sticker. What does this say about me?? LOL.

    hrududu AT hotmail DE

  12. Both prizes sound awesome but to be honest I am really wanting the Marvel tote bag and the Hero Comic signed by everyone. This is an awesome giveaway. I love comics and the local Chicago Comicon is coming up here soon also so I'll hopefully be able to go to that.

    LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

  13. I'm entering for Super-Con Prize Pack-2 [US and International]! I'm most excited about the 3 signed comics by artist Rich Koslowski!

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  14. I've always been about the Marvel comics, so I'd like to enter for the first prize pack.

    And which item would I be most excited for? Anything other than the Pez dispensers would be the wrong answer. :)


    Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Prize pack #1

    PEZ dispensers are always fun but the signed Marvel comics get the win!


  16. Hokay, so recently Katie told me the winners of out prize giveaway who were chosen by a monkey throwing darts. Or was it a bingo machine? Sorry, I've been out of it. Oh yes, the winners.

    Prize Pack #1 goes to Spaz
    Prize Pack #2 goes to firstprime

    Congratulations, guys. A sheep should be e-mailing you soonish with information. Anyway, hop you like your goodies. Now where's that root beer?

  17. Hooray, this is one of the best Saturday evenings of my life! Mind if I ask what "Sheep swag items" are?

  18. Wow, that is so cool! Thank you so much!!!

  19. @Firstprime shall see ;)

    @Spaz congrats!

    And thank you to EVERYONE who came to comment we hope you will be back for all the fun!

  20. rofl I'd like either. Love the marvel tote and dexter bumber sticker. But green lantern looks great too.
    scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com