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Monday, May 16, 2011

Interview with author Amber Scott

Amber Scott is one of our favorite authors AND a friend to the site. We devoured her latest book Fierce Dawn so after kidnapping and dragging her away to a secret location (okay it's just Richard's apartment in SF) we finally have her back once again to talk about her new series!

San Francisco. Safe House. 2 Sheep and 1 Seeker meet

Katie: Welcome back Amber! So glad you're here with us today, can you share with those who may not know some details about the amazing book that is Fierce Dawn.

Amber S: Thank ya!! Fabulous to be back. So. Fierce Dawn. In this series, a percentage of humankind is changing—becoming changelings. The separation of realms between immortals and mortals has kept humans safe from those that would exploit them. Human blood is a drug, you see, and vampires are the immortals addicted to it. No one believed the prophecy that realm lines would one day collapse. But if humans are changing, the prophecy must be true.

Katie: It’s an intriguing story, really. How far are you going to possibly take human blood addiction in upcoming books?

Amber S: I’m not sure how many books will center around it but as the realms continuously collide, that and debate over changelings will create plenty of political drama as a backdrop.

Katie: You definitely have a passion for not only magick but also hunky men, vampires and non alike. Not complaining at all, but where does this interest come from?

Amber S: I blame my mom. (Poor, mom!) She’s Jehovah’s Witness, and no insult intended to any out there, but being raised without Halloween stunk. It left a deep, vacuous hole that only hunky men and magic can fill up. I truly believe in magic and study not only the occult but the unexplained, too. I love it.

Katie: But we have to thank her, it made you who you are today! So have you given any thought to your Halloween costume this year?

Amber S: Totally! Last year I went as Desperately Seeking Susan Madonna. This year, I’m thinking either Clockwork Orange or Carrie Bradshaw in that tutu getup possibly zombified. I love Halloween.

Amber C: How did you come up with the immortals? In most paranormal books today there are many immortals, but they all have a specific species: vampires, angels, demons, fairies, shifters. Why did you choose to just go with immortal?

Amber S: I see angels, demons, fae etc. sort of as races of an immortal species. Like being Asian or Hispanic, but even deeper than that because it incorporates skillsets inherent to each kind like we think of artists or engineers. I love the idea that all our myths are ways of explaining what really does exist. You see carry over within cultures. There’s common threads throughout cultures that appear as werewolves, witches or ghosts. So I’m taking it to a universal sense which allows me to incorporate more mythologies.

Amber C: I love that idea. I think it’s going to allow a lot more creativity in the characters. Now no one is going to be limited to a certain set of powers or characteristics. Nice! Lol.

Amber S: Thanks! I’m loving the flexibility it offers while not pushing a reader’s limits too far off the map of believability, too.

Katie: How has your life changed since the last time we interviewed you?

Amber S: My writing life has changed dramatically. The Indie Book Collective programs and book review bloggers like you have put my books on the map, so to speak. It’s amazing and wonderful to see my books earning an audience, a burgeoning one at that. Plus, I’ve joined to Blog Talk Radio shows and am really getting used to being a visible public figure. I’m a lucky ducky plucky chick, for sure!

Amber C: In future books are we going to discover more of Sadie’s powers? At the end of Fierce Dawn she had discovered both messenger and seeker powers so I’m anxious to see if others will arise.

Amber S: Yes. As each book joins the series, we’ll see all the particulars of human changelings as well as huge and far-reaching ramifications for this quantum leap of a change in the world. We’ll also get to see the dark side of immortality—blood addiction. Stealing Dusk is Lyric’s story and we’ll experience his past and lingering vampirism.

Katie: Can you tell us a bit about the next blog tour you have coming up?

Amber S: Over Memorial Day weekend, Indie authors will be joining forces to get ebooks to our armed forces. For every commenter, an ebook will go to them AND a troop. We’re working with an amazing organization that will get the ebooks plus care package supplies to the troops. There’s a Kindle up for grabs, too. I can’t wait!

Amber C: That sounds amazing. We’ll definitely have to check it out! Other than blog tours, do you have any book tours coming up or are you keeping everything electronic for the time being?

Amber S: There’s the Arizona Dreamin’ event in Phoenix in June where readers get to hang with authors all day pajama party style. And I’ll be on two panels with my Indie Book Collective co-founders Carolyn McCray and Rachel Thompson in New York in July for the Indie Book Event. Then in October, I’ll be in Seattle for the Emerald City Writers’ Conference. Lots of fun and excitement under the clouds!

Amber C: I have to confess that I loved this book! It was refreshing to get a new take on the immortal scene, but still have all the love and action a girl could want. Lol. I’m dying to know more spoilers! I know Lyric’s story is next, can’t wait, but I’m wondering if Holly will have a story? I feel so bad for her, even though she went a little crazy in the end. But who wouldn’t after centuries of unrequited love? Lol

Amber S: You have a good gut sense for things! Holly will have a story. I love a good redemption tale and she definitely deserves one. As for spoilers…can’t! I can tell you that as I’m writing Stealing Dusk, I’m having physical reactions to it as well as to what is happening to the realms as the begin to collide. It’s so much fun!

Amber C: So excited for the rest of this series! And if you are having physical reactions I know it’s gonna be good! I love when a book makes you feel rather than just think.

Amber S: Me, too!

Katie: I know you were recently in Australia! How fun was that?

Amber S.: Down under was AWESOME! They have chocolate cafes on every corner! I was in absolute heaven. The history is so rich and the people are truly friendly. Everyone should make the trip. My favorite take aways: you don’t use the restroom, it’s the toilet. You don’t pass on the freeway, you overtake. Breakfast is brekkie. The dollar store is the two dollar store.

Katie: Oh nice, chocolate cafes?! Now that’s my kinda place!

Amber C: Out of all the books and series that you have written, who has been your favorite character so far? Or if that’s too difficult to chose, what series has been your favorite?

Amber S: Oh, man that’s a tough one. Right now, it’s a toss up between Lyric and Cash. Lyric because he’s so dark and sardonic and delicious. Cash because he’s from my book Soul Search, one of my first novels that I’ll be re-releasing this summer. He’s living with the soul of a wolf trapped inside of him, searching for the souleater who stole his nephew’s so he can free it. Love is the last thing he wants and the one thing he’ll need to free his wolf before it kills him, and his nephew before his soul dies.

Amber C: Now that you are “on the map”, as you put it lol, are there going to be a number of your books being re-released?

Amber S: That is a really good question that I don’t yet have an answer for. I’ll either re-release more backlist…or make them fan extras, maybe. The mental jury is still out on that one but I’ll keep you posted!

Katie: What ideas do you have for upcoming books?

Amber S: Oh, the ideas and characters sitting around my mental waiting room! I’m very excited to get through all the stories in my head in the realm series. Plus the Vegas succubus series will intersect with Realm books, so that is incredibly fun. The great thing about committing to being indie is I can release as many books as I want and really explore all my little ideas. I love it.

Katie: When will the Vegas succubus series come out?

Amber S: Love Lust is available now and Drowning Lust is in revisions. It might be a summer release depending on progress with Soul Search and Enchanted Moon.

Amber C: In Fierce Dawn you touch on mental illness quite a bit in relation to Sadie and her mother before her; where did the inspiration come from to add this dimension to the story?

Amber S: I have a deep fascination for the human brain. While like most of my characters, Sadie sort of showed up one day and started whispering to me, Sadie’s diagnosis probably stemmed from a few things. My aunt has paranoid schizophrenia. I’d recently read a really beautiful but sad article about a father watching his daughter fall mentally ill. And I read My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor Ph.D, a life-changing read for me. It truly demonstrates how subject to our brain’s impressions we are.

Amber C: I have to agree with you about the human brain. My college psychology class was one of my favorites because it always left me thinking about all the possibilities. Is the mental illness going to be a trend for this series or is it just Sadie who is affected?

Amber S: As the number of changelings rise and as we see Sadie’s sister and cousin experience their family history, it will inevitably resurface in a myriad of ways that I’m really looking forward to exploring.

Katie: Last question before we get to our favorite Rapid Fire! In the nursery rhyme "Little Bo Peep" it talks about a little girl falling asleep on the job, then she awakes to find the sheep come back with no tails! Was this a story about some sick person drugging her and tail murdering her flock of sheep?! lol Sorry got kinda worked up there….

Amber S: ROFL. This is why I adore you guys. My take is Little Bo had a little too much something to drink or smoke and that the sheep’s tails were just fine but her guilt was so great over sleeping on the job that she manufactured a punishment in the form of missing tails that aren’t missing at all. Moral of the story? Lay off the pipe, Bo.

Katie: You are so wise…I bow down to you. lol

Amber S: ROFL

Katie: And now ladies and gents it's time for the world famous Rapid Fire Round. We won’t be asking the Pepsi vs. Coke question because Amber has failed that in the past. lol KIDDING! Amber Scott knows the drill, so if you're ready we shall begin in ….3…..2…..1!

Katie: Apricots or Prunes

Amber S: Apricots. Baked with brown sugar and lots of butter and a little sugared Bisquick. Yum. Don’t forget the ice cream.

Katie: Ok wow, have not eaten lunch yet but I know what I’m having!

Amber C: Tea or Biscuits (I’ve been on this British kick lately… sorry. Lol)

Amber S: Biscuits as long as it’s Scottish shortbread! I’m a sweet tooth.

Katie: Tuna or Sword Fish

Amber S: Pardon my drool. Sword fish with lots of lemon and butter!!!

Amber C: Rice or Corn Chex

Amber S: Both, in a bowl with pretzels and all that Chex mix stuff.

Amber C: I prefer the Muddy Buddies to the Chex mix… Mmm. Yum!

Amber S: Now you’re speakin’ my language! YUM!

Katie: Arsenic or Cyanide

Amber S: Depends on how angry you are. Does the victim deserve a slow, sneaky death you could change your mind about mid-way through? Hmmmm.

Katie: Well let’s say it is someone you don’t like. *evil laugh*

Amber S: Then definitely arsenic. There’s something deliciously passive aggressive about a slow kill by poison.

Amber C: Stilettos or Wedges

Amber S: Stilettos all the way. They always get a louder hiss and let’s face it, all girls need to hear a good jealous hiss from time to time.

Amber C: HAHAHA! I love you. Lol. I agree. There’s just something about stilettos that makes a girl feel sexy.

Katie: Rubies or Sapphires

Amber S: Sapphires because they’re my birthstone.

Katie: Hey! Cool!

Amber C: Alaska or Hawaii

Amber S: Hawaii. I loooooove Hawaii. Garlicky shrimp, the ocean breeze, the lava rock. It speaks to my soul.

Katie: Fish Nets or Leggings

Amber S: Leggings. Fish nets pinch a bit when you sit too long.

Katie: And they do tend to snag when you wear them with a short sparkly skirt. Lol

Amber S: And we don’t want our stilettos snagging, either.

Amber C: Salty or Sweet

Amber S: Sweet. Chocolate, cake, cookies, brownies. Well, unless it’s a chocolate dipped potato chip. Then salty works, too. Yum.

Amber C: A woman after my own heart.

Amber C: Electronic or Paper

Amber S: Had you asked me before my iPad, I’d have sworn paper. But I LOVE having my favorite books in one place. I am even going to make a cuddle pillow for it. Or a bear. So I can cuddle my fave books like Alien in the Family by Gini Koch. Kindle Bear, Paddy Bear, Nookie Bear. It’ll happen. Wait and see.

Katie: Spa Day or Sleep Day

Amber S: Spa day! With my girls, sipping champagne and remembering the scandalous days.

Amber C: Marsha or Jan

Amber S: Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. Don’t hate her cuz she’s beautiful.

Katie: Peppermint or Lemon

Amber S: Lemon!!! On cake, please.

Katie: CD's or Vinyl

Amber S: Vinyl, because I suspect the DJ playing it at the club is HOT and will play my song.

Amber C: Sailboat or Speedboat

Amber S: Yacht.

Katie: Airship or Zeppelin

Amber S: Airship! Stealing Dusk has one in it.

Katie: Thank you so much for coming back to chat with us Amber, we love you and will continue to stalk, I mean follow, you! Would you like to add anything before we wrap up?

Amber S: Yes! May 18th, Fierce Dawn is up for Bestseller For a Day on Amazon Kindle and I can’t wait for us all to take it to the top 100 on Kindle rankings. Three Bonus Buy titles are seriously sweetening the pot, too. Plus a Kindle will be up for grabs and signed ebooks. Woot!

Thanks so much for having me by. I Sheep you long time!!

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  1. Great interview!
    Voodoo Bride is reading Fierce Dawn at the moment and is loving it.

  2. Loved the interview. I am addicted to romance novels, chocolates, and cokes. I'm not kidding when I say I am addicted. A day does not go by that does not involve all 3...LOL


  3. Hi Sully!! Oink!
    So pleased to see you loving it. :)

    Hi Michelle,
    We speak the same language, clearly. Where would we be without 'em, right? Bitter. Just bitter. :)

  4. I am definately addicted to reading romance books and chocolate.

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    GFC follower: June M.

  5. I am here to comment on the Chocolate cafe thing! OMG, why don't we have them here? I am with you on the ereaders. I couldn't get by without my kindle. I prefer the kindle to my iPad for reading books. It is smaller and lighter.

  6. I'm reading Fierce Dawn right now so that I can post a blog on Wednesday, May 18th's "Bestseller for a Day!" I would love a signed paperback from Amber. Great interview!!

    Saph (My real name is Amber)

  7. I'm addicted to French fries and marzipan! Not together however! ;-D and of course romance stories and funny TV series :-)

    I follow your blog! :-)

    thank you!

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  8. @June, Chocolate be thy name! What's your fave? Hershey's Symphony bars are stashed all over in my fridge right now.

    @Sharon, I'm with you! Opera cake is the best ever. I've found it a Trader Joe's but nothing like being in the element enjoying it with fresh, hot milk chocolate. One place had a pot of chocolate that came with strawberries for dipping. I licked the thing clean.

    @Sapphyria, We Ambers gotta stick together! I love your pen name, too, though. Are you a September baby? I am and love all things Sapphire. Looking forward to your review for Wednesday!

    @Stella, What is your fave funny TV show right now? I adore How I Met Your Mother and am super bummed Two and a Half men might be over.

  9. I am totally addicting to paranormal romance and urban fantasy :-) I used to read historicals and contemporary but not anymore!! LOL

    And also to so many shows - Supernatural, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter..

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    OMG you're book...Wow!!....I can't wait to blog about it tomorrow. :)

    Yes, my birthday is in September too :)
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  13. Hey!

    Great book, if you haven't read it yet go buy it now!

    As for what I'm addicted to: books! And cuddles.
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    I am addicted to reading for fun for the summer. In the fall it'll be back to text books. Just read my first book by Amber Scott & I think I found a new fix for my addiction

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  16. I have to say I am addiction prone - I am of course addicted to books, but also kitchen gadgets the weirder the better, and yes or yes chocolate! Thanks for the great interview, I really enjoy Amber Scott's books and hope her best seller for a day is a great success.
    GFC follower.

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    Sorry for the delay folks but I now have the winners for our Amber Scott interview and they are:

    First Place-Banes and Books
    Second Place-Sapphyria

    Congrats to you both! You will receive your winnings shortly. And a BIG thank you once again to Amber Scott for taking the time to chat with us and for being such a kick ass lady. We Sheep you long time xoxox

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