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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Interview with author and My Mom: Linda Dalton

A Mother's Day special with my best friend who also happens to be my Mom. :)

California. Kitchen. 1 Sheep and 1 Granny Muffin meet.

Katie: You recently started to write a story called, Granny Muffin. Can you tell me a little about it and why you deiced to start this project?
Mom: Granny Muffin's character and series comes from parts of my life that I enjoyed as a young person. Combined with parts of my life as an older adult which has to do with baking and food and the good things that come from that. I loved from an early age reading my Aunt Helen's cook book, she would get up early every morning and make rolls and homemade bread, delicious cobblers. She used to have this wonderful collection of cookbooks. Even before I could read I was grabbing this book to look through and look at the pictures. She was always so busy baking in her little kitchen, so from that age on I LOVED cookbooks.

Katie: Are you going to be doing the illustrations for the story as well?
Mom: I am going to be doing some of the basic drawings so I can give an idea of what I want. But I may need to use a real artist on the books.

Katie: So what is the premise of Granny Muffin? What are the characters going to be like?
Mom: The characters are representations of other family members of mine, my Grandma (known to the Dalton's as "Candy Grandma") and Mother. Who were all good bakers, certain aspects to their personalities will be represented. Stories will be intermingled with some fantasy so they're not total reality but combined with the real experiences of baking and some of the fun things about baking. For example, one of the titles will be Granny Muffin and the Yeast Beast. And that's a comical tale about what happens with yeast. It's very comical. There will be animals in the stories. And all characters drawn will be shown from a side view. All the activities will be seen as though you are looking from behind everyone. I chose to do that so people can more readily fill themselves or a grandma into that role. And little Mini Muffin can be the child, or the child reading the story.

Katie: And why did you want to write this book?
Mom: To sort of leave something behind of me. But aside from that to also inspire children and the love and baking.

Katie: You also enjoy painting, talk to me a little about that Mom.
Mom: When I was younger I loved art but I just really didn't have the natural artistic abilities. It's just not one of my gifts in life, so because I wasn't good a good drawer or sketcher I never felt good about the final outcome of anything. But now that I'm in my 50's and with the friends that I have who are very artistic who encouraged me to just let loose. Let it go. Don't worry about the drawing. Just work with the colors, practice. But don't be discouraged by a lack of natural ability. Since I am not a good face drawer this is why Granny Muffin will show the things I am good at and will eliminate the ones I am bad at.

Katie: Mom, going back to earlier years, were you a writer or is this something you wanted to pursue now?
Mom: I wrote a lot as a young person and continued quite a bit into my 20's. And then after that most of my writing was business-related. Writing for clients and promotional materials, letters and so on. I took some creative writing courses in my 30's.

Katie: Not only do you like to write but you also enjoy film, what are some of the movies you enjoy?
Mom: Well let me start with what I don't like. I don't like gory slasher movies, those are not my genre never have been. I like a great murder mystery, I like a good story line. And particularly I like a happy endings.

Katie: Can you remember one of the first movies you saw as kid?
Mom: No, but it was probably a Walt Disney movie. The earliest movie I remember going to see with friends of mine and my little sister was Throughly Modern Millie with Julie Andrews.

Katie: What book are you reading right now Mom?
Mom: I'm reading the Jeanine Frost series with Cat and Bones.

Katie: Mom how have these last four years or so changed your life?
Mom: Yeah. 4 years ago I was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast cancer, called stage four. What that means is the cancer cells have left the breast are roaming around the body. While under my diagnosis you can't go into remission, but you go into a stage called "maintenance". So I had breast removal surgery to remove the tumor, radiation because my cancer cells are eating bone in my spine. Chemotherapy on again off again as well, so physically that's where I am at. New tumors were recently discovered again and I am undergoing radiation and chemotherapy.

Katie: It's been a hard four years Mom, but your fight and your courage encourage me and the people around you.
Mom: It's an interesting place to be, in part because I know some people who don't make it four years. They have a diagnosis and use of whatever medical services, treatment, but they aren't still here. It's interesting for me hearing how people say fight fight fight, and I don't know for sure that I could label it a "fight" for me it's acceptance. Getting out there to find what therapies there are. And I supposed if it's a fight, it's when you're feeling bad. Ya know, trying to hang in there and get through the next round of whatever it is.

Katie: Since this is a Mother's Day Special, so to speak, do you have any fun story you would like to share?
Mom: The charming memory for Mother's Day is about the musical tape "We Sing Silly Songs". I have fond and fun memories of you kids when we traveled together across country or when we were just driving around town. We could begin our rides by buckling our seat belts and pretending to go on a trip to the moon as Astronauts. During our flights of fantasy we had a favorite musical tape that we would sing and laugh and enjoy together. Although your all grown you still remember some of the fun songs from the tape.
Katie: Yup I remember "Little Bunny Foo Foo" and "Down By The Bay" and "My Name is Stegosaurus!"
Mom: Yup. lol

Katie: I know you love the Rapid Fire Round that we do so would like do some rapid questions Mom?
Mom: Ok! Here we go!
Katie: Ok, that MUST be a yes. lol

Katie: Twilight or Interview with a Vampire?
Mom: Twilight

Katie: Vampires or Werewolves
Mom: Vampires

Katie: Coke or Pepsi
Mom: hmm...Pepsi
Katie: Mom! No! You HAVE to pick Coke! I am changing this answer to Coke.
Mom: No!
Katie: Moving on! *evil laugh*

Katie: Pear Hand Lotion or Cucumber
Mom: Pear

Katie: Peach Cobbler or Apple
Mom: oh, well if it's a GOOD Peach cobbler then I say Peach

Katie: Burritos or Burgers
Mom: Burgers

Katie: Burn Notice or V
Mom: *inhales sharply* oh....V [What you all don't know is that these are two of her fav shows hehehe]

Katie: American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance
Mom: Both

Katie: Ghost or The Notebook
Mom: Ghost

Katie: Richard Gere or Gerard Butler
Mom: Richard Gere

Katie: STTNG or Star Wars
Mom: Next Gen
Katie: Good, Ben's going to hate that but good. *evil laugh*
Ben: Hey, I like both.
Katie: OMG you scared me! Why must you just pop up like that! Get back to the dungeon!

Katie: Farscape or Stargate SG-1
Mom: SG-1

Katie: Angels or Demons
Mom: Angels

Katie: Thanks for chatting with me Mom, I love you and Happy Mother's Day!
Mom: Hey, I love you too kid. And Happy Mother's Day to you too, since you are a Mom as well. Thanks for my Grandson!

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Good luck!


  1. Good luck with the book, and I hope you both have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  2. Happy Mother's Day!
    And Granny Muffin sounds like a fun book

  3. @faded thank you :)

    @McPig I will make sure to send you a copy when my Mom gets them in print :)

  4. Awwww! A mother/daughter interview-- love it!! :-)
    I'm a classic gal-- chocolate chip cookies for me all the way!


  5. My mom loves to read history books about cooking. She is also a great cook. I, on the other hand, am not .

    Great interview :)

  6. Same here Sharon lol. No idea how the "cooking gene" skipped me but it sure did. :) I like to order take out

  7. Great to hear from your awesome mom.

    Totally chocolate chip cookies.

  8. Loved the interview, it was a lot of fun.
    My favorite baked goodie is pumpkin pie - I always ask for it every birthday (since it's in November).

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

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  10. A very sweet and special piece for this special day :-)
    Oh and score one for Pepsi, ha!!

    Happy Mother's Day Katie & Linda!

    I always enjoyed the pies I would have at my grandmother's house during Thanksgiving.

    skuh28 AT Gmail o com

  11. Your Mom sounds like one in a million! What a great interview.

    I would have to say that cheesecake is my favorite goodie

  12. So do I get to vote?? Cuz I totally think I should be able to :P

    Hi Mom! Thanks for doing the interview for us! And I love you sooo much for answering Pepsi! It totally made my day. lol.

    I love to bake and cook. My favorite thing to bake would either be zucchini bread or oatmeal butterscotch cookies (yuuummmmyy!)Now I'm craving both! lol

  13. @Stephen- I didn't know you loved Pepsi!!! Yes! Pretty soon we'll have all the friends turned against coke.. It's gonna be so awesome! lol

    @meggerfly- I love my grandma's cinnamon rolls too! Now I'm craving those... clearly my sweet tooth is getting the best of me today :P

  14. @Amber See, Mom was delirious when she answered Pepsi. She meant to say Coke, really she did.

    @Stephen don't listen to AMber she smokes a lot of crack. ;)

  15. spifferfish AT yahoo DOT com

    My favorite goodie is brown bag apple pie :D

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  20. Congrats to Meggerfly! You are the winner, by random drawing, for the 10$ gift card!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!! I will send you an email shortly and thanks for the comment. :)

  21. Sorry to hear about the health issues, Katie and Linda.