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Friday, May 20, 2011

Swagday Contest Coming June 10th!

This is your box. I am going to try and drag your butt out of it, for just a little while. Who knows, maybe you will have a good time and venture out of it more often.

I live in a paranormally romantic UF box and while it can be *very pleasant in there, I need to get out more often. I am not going alone though! I am taking someone with me each month

I declare the 10th of every month to be Swagday

To celebrate I will have a contest every Swagday

The winner will receive:

*books by authors/genre outside of your box

*swag pack from a variety of authors along with some Sheep swag and some other surprises (if the President ever gets back to me, seriously. I emailed him and asked him for some swag. You *never know )

*I Smell Sheep will donate a book and writing supplies to a soldier over seas, in your name

On June 10th entering will be as easy as…

Leave name, email and your “box” in the comments

Play the game +1 entry

Become a follower +1 entry

The June Swagday will feature a matching the author to their pet game!

June’s blogger shout out will be Literary Escapism

Good luck and I will see you on Swagday!!!!


  1. Sounds like it will be lots of fun!

  2. It will (we hope anyway lol) LOTS of fun prizes and a chance to read something outside of your normal safe zone. Sharon is doing a great putting all this together :)

  3. I know what to be the 10th of every month! lovin this, thanks Sheep

  4. This sounds like lots of fun. I am a pretty eclectic reader, but we will go on an adventure together!

  5. Let us commence with the swag!

  6. This looks like fun!!

  7. You think up such fun things, Sharon. No wonder you're my idol!!!

  8. I agree this does sound like fun

  9. Interesting I like it

  10. Sounds like fun - can I join? :D