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Friday, May 10, 2013

Author Interview: Laura Wright + giveaway

Today we have the charming and witty Laura Wright visiting to talk about her latest release Eternal Demon. We also talk about things like vampires, cowboys and burritos, oh my! and find out if Laura would use her powers for good or evil! Grab a glass of our Cherry "Kool-Aid" you might need it ;)

Sharon: You have been a busy lady! You have both the Bayou Heat series and the Mark of the Vampire series with multiple releases this year! So I guess I am wondering… do you have any hair left on your head? <G> 
Laura: Oh, there’s hair. It’s just, you know, turning gray<G> But truly, I’m LOVING this year! Doing both series, AND starting the Cavanaugh brothers is completely fulfilling to me as a writer. I’ve never be happier. Even with the gray hair :) 

Sharon: wow, you are bubbling over with enthusiasm. You know we might be able to bottle that… we have a lab in the dungeon. What should we call it? The Wright Stuff?

Laura: Or The Wright Cell? <G>
Sharon: with a padded bottle!

Sharon: You have a lovely author photo. How did you go about deciding what type of pic to use? And do you agree that authors should update their photos more often? <G> 
Laura: Thank you!! I had my pictures taken for acting out here in Los Angeles, and was so glad I had them when it came time for an author picture. But I kinda do need new ones. I think finding time, losing fifty pounds in a week, getting that right’s not easy <G> 

Sharon: What sets your vampires apart from the other series out there?

Laura: Good question. I’m not sure I can answer it though..Only because I don’t read other vampire books. Not while I write my series anyway.. I want to say the mythology? The fact that they have offspring, and that breeding is a big part of their culture. 

Katie: How many times a day do vampires need to brush those fangs to keep them pearly white?
Laura: Lol.. Before every makeout session <G>
Sharon: Did you bring any vamps with you? *looking under the chair* cause we happen to have toothbrushes, right here! 
Laura: Sorry, the sun’s up. They only come out at night <G>


*Adria swings in on a rope, does a double summersault and lands like a boss* 
Katie*blinking* When did we get a Tarzan rope and how am I just finding this out now?!
Laura: WhooHoo Adria’s here!!! 
Adria: You should give it a whirl Katie! Just try to avoid any stationary objects. Ouch. 

Sharon: Um… I told her Laura was visiting and she could come by and say hello…
Laura: That’s right!
Adria: I'm a really big fan here so it's difficult to contain my excitement at being able to ask some questions. I THINK I got all the happy dances out of my system. *squees and flails arms around just to make sure* Hopefully the fangirl doesn't come out.
Laura: Awwww, thanks sweetness!! Hope you didn't just get rope burn on any important areas..Ouch. 
Adria: I remembered to wear protective gear for the burns but not for crashing when I practiced. Double ouch.

Laura: That’s gonna leave a mark. Ha ha get it? Mark? Mark of the Vampire. Er… sorry. I really see this series in almost everything I do.. 

Katie: Laura, this is Adria, she reviewed Eternal Demon for our site and she is a… fan.
Laura: Oh, I know. I saw that review. I LOVED that review :) 
Adria: I’m blushing.

Adria: Sometimes a series suffers and becomes a bit repetitive in nature. They begin to sound as if plot lines are being reused, only with different characters. Eternal Demon is the fifth book in your Mark of the Vampire series, and definitely doesn't have this problem. How do you keep each book so fresh and exciting without straying too far away from what connects them as a series?

Laura: No freaking idea :) Lol..seriously, I don’t know. Maybe because each character just comes to me as such an individual with their own baggage and goals. So when you have the conflict and you have the goals, a new and hopefully fresh story is created :) 
Sharon: Do your vamps prefer Samsonite or Globe-Trotter?

Katie: *hits Sharon with a sheep pillow* not that kind of baggage… 
Laura: Raise your hand if you’ve been drinking. ;) 

*Sharon puts down "Kool-Aid"*

Adria: Were there any challenges you faced while writing Eternal Demon? What was your favorite scene to write?
Laura: Well, Hellen was a toughie. I loved her toughness, but I wasn’t prepared for how far her demonness would stretch. My absolute favorite part of the book (for today) is the world down below. I loved creating a new world. And I would LOVE to have my own personal Rain Field.
Sharon: heehee, she said ‘down below’
Adria: I went there too Sharon *giggles* 
Laura: Seriously. Who’s drinking? And.. can I have some? <G> 

*hands Laura some "Kool-Aid"*

Katie: What's a reality show that's yet to be made that you would love to see?
Laura: Oooooo, Romance Writers living in one house, and all of them are on deadlines <G> 
Katie: That could turn into a horror show very quickly.

Laura: Oh, you know it, girl. 
Sharon: and if you are kicked out of the house they say "You've been DUMPED!"

Adria: What are you currently working on? 
Laura: I just finished edits on ETERNAL SIN, which has turned into my favorite romance story, and now I’m about to write a short erotic story for a group project coming out in August with 5 other authors, then back to my first cowboy novel, BRANDED.… :) 
Sharon: with or without spurs?;)

Adria: *gasps* More cowboys?! I LOVE cowboys! Ropes, boots, scruffy… *gets glazed look in her eyes* 
Laura: They might all have spurs <G> 4 cowboys. All very, very rich, all very, very damaged emotionally, and all very, very available <G>

Katie: Do your vampires explode in the sunlight and if so why don't zombies explode in the sun?

Laura: They become dust <G> I’m not sure about zombies.. I’m sort of not caught up on my zombie trivia. I blame all these deadlines <G> 
Katie: You’ll have to catch up on the Walking Dead at some point!

Laura: Oooo, I know. I totally want to see that show! I lurve Grimm! 

Sharon: Got a favorite acting job experience?

Laura: I loved doing a short day shoot on Days of our Lives. It was very fun!!! 
Adria: *plays theme song for Days of our Lives*

Katie: You could do one fantasy thing in real life, what would it be and why? (like ride a dragon, fly, cast spells etc.)

Laura: Cast Spells for sure! That kind of power would rock my world!! 
Sharon: would you use your powers for good or evil?

Katie: Evil. Oh sorry, that question was for Laura. 
Laura: I’m going with Katie on this. Evil <G> 

Rapid Fire 

Sharon: Lucy Riccardo or June Cleaver?

Laura: Lucy at night and June during the day. 

Adria: Red or white wine?
Laura: Red!! 

Katie: Toe nail or thumb nail?
Laura: Toe! I’m a dancer, ya’ll! 
Katie: Can we see some moves?
Laura:I’m a private dancer, a dancer for money.. That’s a song!! Just a song!!
*Katie, Adria and Sharon all nod and wink at Laura*

Sharon: wings or fins?
Laura: Wings at night, Fins during the day <G> 
Sharon: seeing a trend here…

Katie: tattoo or piercing?
Laura: Ooooooo, BOTH!!! 

Adria: Reality TV or Original TV Shows?
Laura: Original. 
Adria: *whispers* Game of Thrones <G>

Sharon: gunslinger or highlander?
Laura: Highlander <G> 
Sharon: aw, I was hoping you would say gunslinger at night and highlander during the day ;)

Katie: burritos or calzones? 
Laura: Burritos! 

Adria: Print or e-book?

Laura: E. I’ve been completely taken over by the dark side <G> 
Adria: My e-reader is a necessity unless I want to end up on one of those hoarder shows. 

Katie: Coke or Pepsi?

Laura: Neither. Hate soda. V-8!! :) 
Katie: Gah. Ok if you HAD to pick, which way would you go?

Laura: Pepsi. If I HAD to <G>
Sharon: YES! score another one for Team Pepsi

Adria: Vampire or Shifter?

Laura: Nope. (shakes head) Not. Not gonna make me do it! ….. Okay..Vampire at night, Shifter during the day <G> 
Adria: Very sneaky. Don’t want to offend either side huh?

Laura: Hell no! I have too many males with fangs and fur! 

Sharon: Thanks for taking the time to talk. Is there anything you would like to say to the flock before you go?

Laura: Thank you!!! And thanks, Adria for the super fandom<G>
Adria: Thank YOU Laura for writing such awesomesauce books. I look forward to many more books from you (no pressure, really)!
Laura: I survive on pressure :)

Mark of the Vampire, Book 5
Available: May 7, 2013
Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo
When Erion’s son is kidnapped by the evil vampire Cruen, Erion vows to stop at nothing to find his hideaway—including intercepting the traveling party of Cruen’s beautiful bride-to-be. But instead of a vulnerable caravan, Erion is met by a feral band of female demons that includes Hellen, the bride—a creature of dark magic and darker passion.

Though the safety of his son is foremost, Erion can’t deny his unexpected connection to Hellen—inflaming a manic desire as primal as it is irresistible. As their bond intensifies, they move toward an inevitable and terrifying battle. With time running out, Erion realizes he must not only find and rescue his son but protect Hellen from Cruen and the underworld forces waiting to destroy her for her betrayal.

About the Author:
Website Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads
Author of the Bestselling Mark of the Vampire series, Laura Wright spent the early years of her life immersed in the worlds of singing, acting and competitive ballroom dancing. But when she started writing, she knew she’d found her true calling. Laura lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband, two children, three dogs, two frogs and two fish. She’s been thrice nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award, and loves hearing from her readers.

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Laura is giving away the following prizes on her tour

Grand Prize: One winner will receive a Kindle ($69.00 Value) 
Runners-Up: FIVE (5) runners up will receive their choice of eBook from either the MARK OF THE VAMPIRE Series or the BAYOU HEAT Series. 
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