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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Comic Review: Five Weapons #2 of 5 by Jimmie Robinson

Five Weapons #2 of 5
by Jimmie Robinson
Diamond ID:JAN130585
On Sale:March 27, 2013
Series:Five Weapons
Image Comics
Tyler barely escapes the knife club only to become the target of both the stick club and every teacher in the school of Five Weapons. This time the faculty plans to beat Tyler at his own game and embarrass him in front of the whole school.

The latest series from fan-favorite creator, Jimmie Robinson!

Oh, that Jimmie Robinson is a clever one.
At the end of the first issue, I really had to wonder how Tyler Shainline (or rather Enrique Bryant Garcia posing as his childhood friend) would survive a duel with Jade the Blade, president of the Knife Club. I would not have guess tickling, but it certainly does the trick by the third page of this second issue.

Enrique's reason for posing as Tyler, the son of a revered assassin, has yet to be explained, but his methods while attending Five Weapons are certainly entertaining. But while the boy cannily avoids picking up a weapon of his own, out of some secret oath to his father (the faithful servant of the Shainline family), he is incurring the ire of Principal O and the faculty with his precociousness and guile.

While reading the first issue, I worried a little that the premise of schoolchildren fighting each other with weapons might veer into some sensitive subject matter (considering the crisis of school violence in America), but Five Weapons #2 has cemented the charm and otherworldliness that Jimmie Robinson's creation stands to offer.

Enrique's story has unfolded quite neatly and expertly at this point, nearly collapsing under the weight of how darned clever it is. It feels like a cross between a kung fu flick and a Saturday morning cartoon at times, but that's hardly a bad thing. And the cliffhanger at the end of this issue has me eager to see how Enrique will get out of his next battle.
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4 Sheep

Guest Reviewer: Gef Fox
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  1. Sounds like how I felt watching Hunger Games. When is the line crossed with violence between kids? I mean, the story is amazing BUT how far do we take it?

    Either way, I am continuing to be intrigued with your reviews on this series.

    Looking forward to the next one!

  2. Thank you for sharing with us. This does not look like my cup of tea, but I certainly enjoyed your review :)