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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Free Comic Book Day + May the 4th be with you + Giveaway= Nerdgasm!

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What is Free Comic Book Day (FCBD)?

Free Comic Book Day is a single day - the first Saturday in May each year - when participating comic book shops around the world give away comic books absolutely FREE* to anyone who comes into their stores. 

This year there are a 52 different comics that stores may have in stock, most of which you can preview on the Free Comic Book Day site. You can use the comic store finder on this site too.

Not every shop will have every comic. There are 12 titles that most shops will likely carry (those designated "Gold Comics" on the FCBD site) and 40 others that some shops will order, and others will not (designated "Silver Comics") - NPR

Head to the NPR site for a cheat sheet of all the comics coming out.

Dark Horse FCBD selection:

Writer:Josh Williamson, Brian Wood, Gene Luen Yang
Artist:Ryan Hill, Victor Ibáñez, Ryan Odagawa, Roger Robinson
Colorist:Ryan Hill, Ego
Cover Artist:Ryan Hill, Douglas Wheatley
All-ages adventure! Star Wars joins fan-favorite villains Darth Vader and Boba Fett! Then explore the upcoming Dark Horse series Captain Midnight, where the search for the missing superhero is on! And the smash hit Avatar: The Last Airbender follows Mai as she deals with her broken heart . . .
Writer:Jeremy Barlow, Peter M. Lenkov, Shaun Simon, Gerard Way, Mac Walters
Artist:Garry Brown, Tony Parker, Becky Cloonan
Colorist:Michael Atiyeh, Michelle Madsen, Dave Stewart
Cover Artist:Garry Brown, Becky Cloonan
Three blockbuster titles fill this FCBD offering! In R.I.P.D., a séance goes terribly wrong! Then, in Mass Effect, follow a flight-school grad as he breaks the rules to prove himself in space! Finally, check out the police-state landscape of the highly anticipated miniseries The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys!

My favorite small press Action Lab Entertainment will have 2 free comics available for the first time during FCBD.

Molly Danger/Princeless
Our first book is a combination of our two marquee female heroes, Princess Adrienne of Princeless and the new but already exciting Molly Danger from Jamal Igle.  There aren't enough great female heroes for young girls out there, but our Free Comic Book Day book features two of them.

NFL RushZone/Skyward
The second book is the epic launch of our big all-ages licensed book, NFL RushZone.  Based on the hit NickToons cartoon and featuring the greatest players in the NFL, this is a book to watch out for.  And it's accompanied by a sneak preview of the upcoming fantasy epic from Jeremy Dale, Skyward.

Free Comic Book Day falls on May 4th which is a day for Star Wars fans to geek out together.
It is the official Star Wars Day
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"The month of May has always been important to Star Wars fans. The six live-action movies of the Star Wars saga debuted in May (starting with the original Star Wars on May 25, 1977) and this year, May 25 marks the 30th anniversary of Return of the Jedi. The month of May includes George Lucas' birthday (May 14, 1944), and has been the traditional start date of the popular Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World Resort (this year on May 14)."- Official Home of Star Wars News

I don't have words for the awesomeness that is this!  You can play Sheep Wars! Your sheep can battle the dark side with a light saber!
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May the fourth be with ewe!

How could I forget?! Today is the Kentucky Derby too!
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 These the favorites
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