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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Blog Tour: The Man in the Box by Andrew Toy + giveaway

Work provided Robbie Lake the perfect escape from his family. But his life is turned upside down when he is unexpectedly fired. When he finds a new way of escape through a cardboard box, everything changes. The imaginary world of his childhood has evolved in his absence and is now more savage and hostile than even he could have dreamed. Robbie is drawn in by the excitement of his secret world, but will the cost of abandoning his family prove too high?
Publisher: Blackwyrm Publishers 
Released: November 30, 2012
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy

Excerpt from The Man in the Box:

Robbie turned to the trees and strained his eyes to see what Hail was looking at. Sitting in front of the overgrown wild plants was the largest rat he had ever seen. It was at least two feet tall, and its dark brown fur was plastered down to its head. Small black eyes peered intently at Robbie. Sitting up on its beefy hind legs, it showed great interest in the two strange people peering down at it.

“It’s an agouti,” informed Hail. “They’re rare, and sort of belong to the rat family. Cute, huh?”

“Cute” was not the first thing that came to Robbie’s mind. Let’s face it, a rat is a rat.

But before he could say anything, an oversized lizard bounded out of the bushes on its hind legs and attacked the agouti from behind. It stretched its long neck over the rodent’s head and bit its face as the rat squirmed and shrieked like a flag on a pole flapping wildly in the wind.

The lizard was about five feet long from head to tail and as tall as the agouti. It flipped its meal over to devour it from the neck down in just a few large bites, tugging on the meat that stuck to the bones with its long, sharp teeth.

Hail grabbed Robbie’s arm and pulled him along. “Let’s go.”
“That looked like a dinosaur,” said Robbie.

“That was an eoraptor,” said Hail, not slowing down. “There will be others around and they’ll kill us if they can attack us as a group. They get bigger the deeper into the jungle we go.”

“How big?” asked Robbie.

“Huge. Haven’t you seen them before?”

“No,” he answered. He couldn’t help but wonder if he had somehow been taken back to the prehistoric era.

About the Author:
website-FB-twitterAndrew Toy lives with his wife and dachshunds in Louisville, KY. He is currently editing books of nearly every genre and is a writing coach for aspiring authors. He and his wife are trying to adopt their first child, and he is using the means of writing and editing to accomplish the goal of enlarging his family. Check out some more of his writing and upcoming books on his popular blog:

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Grand Prize: (1 winner) One winner will receive choice of Kindle Fire or Kindle Paperwhite loaded with 25 ebooks
5 Bookshelf prizes: Five people will win 5 print books of their choice from Blackwyrm
25 Bookshelf2: 25 people will win 1 print book of choice from Blackwyrm Publishing
10 E-book Bundles – 10 people will win 10 E-books of choice from Blackwyrm Publishing

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  1. So this sounds almost like a grown up version of one my favorite books, The Phantom Tollbooth!
    I might have to lay aside my romances for a day and check it out :)

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