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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Comic Review: The Mighty Skullkickers #1 (Skullkickers #21) by Jim Zub

The Mighty Skullkickers #1 (Skullkickers #21)
cover A
Story by: Jim Zubkavich

Art By: Edwin Huang
Cover By: Edwin Huang & Jim Zubkavich
Variant Cover by: Chris Stevens
Price: $3.50
Diamond ID: FEB130409
On Sale: April 24, 2013
Series: Skullkickers

MIGHTY SKULLKICKERS: A classic relaunch that blazes a new trail with familiar fan favorite sensibilities. A bold, new direction, a continuing story and a brand new adjective! Our twenty-first issue is brand a new #1! Our B cover is a variant with the original numbering, in case readers want their issue super-duper "old school."

Rex and Kusia have made peace with the tribe of talking apes that were ready to stop their skulls like melons in the last issue. But Rex had to prove his worthiness by passing the test inside the Pool of Great Reflection. Kusia got a free pass, because apparently elves are already in the apes' good books. So, Rex winds up having to duke it out with his doppleganger down in the pool, which comes with its own unique challenges, and ultimately Rex walking away with "Double guns, Baby!"

Meanwhile, their dwarf comrade in arms has finally washed up on shore looking a little green around the gills. On the bright side, at least he doesn't have gills, though the glowing red eyes are a new accessory since getting expelled from Hell.

Cover B
A little less action, but even more humor, is what comprises this Skullkickers issue. And it looks like Rex and Kusia have an army of apes to back them up in their impending battle with Thool. But hard to say how the dwarf fits into the picture, as he has a headstart over them in getting to the fortress that lies at the center of the tropical island of doom.

The least engaging issue for me so far, but considering how phenomenal the previous issues were, the bar is set incredibly high and this is still a darned good book to keep fans of the series salivating for more. And the artistic reference material included at the back of the issue was equally comical. Eagerly anticipating Secret Skullkickers #1 (Skullkickers #22).

4 Sheep

Guest Reviewer: Gef Fox

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