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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Comic Review: Snapshot #3 of 4 by Andy Diggle

Snapshot #3 (of 4)
Story by: Andy Diggle

Art By: Jock
Price: $2.99

Diamond ID: FEB130464
On Sale: April 03, 2013
Series: Snapshot
Image Comics

Hunted by a ruthless killer who has framed them for murder, Jake and Callie try to infiltrate the mysterious gated community at the heart of the deadly conspiracy. But nothing can prepare them for what they will find there. Continuing the new thriller from the creators of The Losers and Green Arrow: Year One!

Jake Dobson is the kind of guy who when he finds himself in a hole, he just digs deeper. And it all went wrong the moment he picked up that phone. Now he's on the run from a Machiavellian assassin (the guy whose phone Jake found)--and even the police who are led to believe he's the killer--with the daughter of one of the victims leading a blind character behind enemy lines onto the assassin's hidden compound. Moral of the story? Don't take phones you find in the park.

The idea that two bumbling twenty-somethings, albeit gun-wielding while bumbling, could make it this far without getting their brains summarily perforated with bullets strains credulity. But, hey, it sure has been a fun thrillride so far, and this third issue takes it even further with a harrowing chase inside and out of the compound.

Yet again, with the stark and simple black-and-white illustrations, each panel leaps off the page as vibrant as anything Pixar could come up with. And with only one issue left to go, I'm chomping at the bit to find out what happens next.

The Losers was good. Snapshot is great.

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4 1/2 Sheep

Guest Reviewer: Gef Fox

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