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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Book Review: Hired Gun (Culvert City Crime Files, #1) by James R. Tuck

Hired Gun (Culvert City Crime Files, #1)
by James R. Tuck

Mass Market Paperback, 72 pages
Published August 26th 2013 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing


Culvert City, a place where bad people do bad things to each other. A hard place, a tough place, it's Killtown USA, Fist City, Murderville America, whatever you want to call it. Culvert City doesn't have a "bad side" of town, every square inch of the place is strychnine nasty and terminal as cancer.

Crime bosses, crooked cops, hitmen, ladies of the night, thugs, petty thieves, junkies, dirty politicians, gun thugs . . . every bad seed of every rotten apple lives here.

Good people who live here too.

They're called victims.

This is Crime fiction done right. Hard as concrete and twice as cold. Eight hard-boiled yarns of wrong-doin

Hired Gun is a short novella delivering a compilation of very short snippets of flash fiction written by James R. Tuck. Each story is presented with a forward from the author that shares a bit of his journey that inspired the story, as well as where and if it was previously published or shared. The stories are fun reads with the most memorable for me being the "No Name Hitman" and I would certainly love to see more about him with perhaps a full novel of his adventures, which would certainly have my fingers itching to get hold of it and find out just what he was up to next and just what occurred that resulted in his life choices.

The snippets are well written and it was intriguing getting to read a bit of the author's journey and prior fans of the author's work would definitely find these tidbits of insight into his thought processes a fun ride. On a final note, it must be said that Hired Gun left me with one major life change; I will never again be able to go through a fast food drive-through and see it with the same eyes. I received this book with a request for my honest review without any compensation whatsoever, other than the joy of reading a new book.

3.5 sheep


About the Author/Editor:
James R. Tuck lives outside Atlanta with his lovely wife and awesome kids. He has been a professional tattoo artist for 18 years and is a talented photographer. He is the author of the DEACON CHALK series (Kensington Books), the author of the CHAMPIONS OF HOLLOW EARTH series (Pro Se Press forthcoming 2014), the editor of the double anthology THUNDER ON THE BATTLEFIELD Volumes 1 and 2 (Seventh Star Press), and his short fiction has appeared and will appear in several anthologies such as: ONE BUCK ZOMBIES (One Buck Horror), THE BIG BAD (Dark Oak Press), HOOKERPUNK (Dark Oak Press forthcoming), ROBOTS UNLEASHED! (Mechanoid Press forthcoming), KAIJU RISING 2 (Ragnarok Press forthcoming), MONSTER EARTH 2 (Mechanoid Press forthcoming), and BADLANDS:TROUBLE IN THE HEARTLAND (Zelmer Pulp forthcoming).

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